Description Of Voice Remote For TCL / Roku TV or Roku Device

This is the layout of the Voice remote for a TCL Roku television, or Roku Device.

This is assuming you are holding the remote with the small, round, power button at the top.

There will be a small cloth feeling tag at the bottom of the remote.

On the right edge of the remote, on top is the volume up/down and below is the mute button.


(back) (home)

(up) (down) (left) (right) (ok in middle)

(previous channel) (microphone) (options)

(rewind) (play/pause) (forward)

(Netflix) (disney)

(hulu) (sling)

Cloth feeling tag at the bottom of the voice remote.

In some online directions, especially when turning on or off the audio guide, you may see to press the star key four times in a row. This is also the options key.

The only differences in the remote that comes with the TCL Roku TV & the voice remote is there is no microphone button & no cloth tag at bottom on the included remote.

The voice remote has more rubber like feeling buttons while the included remote has more of a plastic feel to the buttons.

To use the microphone on the voice remote hold down the microphone & you will hear a small beep. Speak your command and let go of the button. You can say things like change to channel 41.2, or change to HDMI1.
Hold the remote close to your face but it doesn’t need to be so close that its in your face, this will depend on the noise level around you.

The voice remote is about a $20 accessory that I find to be helpful. You can also do most of the same voice commands through Alexa. Here’s a link to the voice remote on Amazon:

The voice remote is super easy to connect to the TCL Roku TV. Insert the batteries & your TV or Roku device should automatically detect the remote, unless that option has been turned off.

Here is an article that will help you connect Alexa to your Roku TV or Device.

How to connect your Roku to Amazon Alexa

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Tips For Ripping A DVD

Just a note for reference…
I am using NVDA 2019.3 on a computer running Windows 10 with all current updates as of when this is posted.

If you have seen one of my recent tweets about ripping DVD’s, you’ll know I’m very thankful to Android Police for an article they wrote that has made this process possible for me.
I’ve tried verious tips & read articles over the years, but things just didn’t come out right.

Here is the article you need to read to get the software you need & information, as I’m just supplying some tips as a blind guy to assist with things.

How to rip your movie collection to watch anywhere

You should get all three of those programs & the beta key for MakeMKV.
After you have inserted a DVD and verified your computer can see there is media in the drive (you can check in File Explorer by pressing windows key plus e.) you will want to open MakeMKV.
Once it opens let things just sit for about 30 – 60 seconds, based on the speed of your computer. You might hear the DVD stop spinning when its okay to proceed to the next step, if you don’t want to wait.

Press the Tab key until you are on Open Disk and press the space bar. You’ll hear the DVD start to spin again as the program examines the DVD.

Depending on the speed of your computer this process could take about a minute or longer. You’ll know the program is done processing the DVD when the drive slows down & you might hear the identification of an Edit Box being spoken at this point.

MakeMKV is very smart at identifying what on the disk is video longer than two minutes & will automatically select it for you. I choose to just let it do the work and after its done you might find it extracted other video tracks such as Directors notes or other clips of a movie.
Its just easier to delete any extra things I don’t want to keep instead of trying to remove those from being extracted.

Your next step is to press alt + f to open the File menu. Arrow down to Save Selected and press enter.
A dialog box will pop up soon after. In NVDA you can press insert b to read the box.
The info in the box will tell you a folder for your extraction doesn’t exist & asks if you want the program to make one. You can just press enter and a folder will be created. Its default is to store these in the C:\Video folder.

Things will now get busy as its extracting the data from the DVD. This isn’t processor intensive, but it is time consuming. Depending on the amount of data this process can take 25 to 45 minutes.
I like to minimize the program and watch in the “Running Applications” part of the desktop to monitor progress.
When it gets to about 90% or so, alt tab back into MakeMKV. When the program is done it will pop up another dialog letting you know it was successful.

Navigate to your C:\Video folder and locate the newly extracted movie or program & press enter.
The main file you will need is almost always the first file, if there is more than one file there you might want to make sure things are in a list by pressing Control + Shift + 6.

Navigate to that top file, which also should be the largest, sometimes up to 5 GB or more.

While on that file hold down the shift key and press your context or applications key.
You can let go of the context key after pressing shift & the key but keep holding down shift until you hear your screen reader announce the “Context Menu” Arrow down to Save As Path and press enter.

You just copied the full path to the file that you need for Handbrake. You can close this & any other windows and return to your desktop.

This next part in the process of ripping your DVD is going to be very labor intensive on your computer, so its best to have any other programs such as your browser, email, or other type programs not running.

Open Handbrake and give it a few seconds to get settled.
Press control + o to open a file.
In the box press control v to paste in the path to the file we are working with but don’t press enter just yet.

When we copied that path in the previous step, Windows adds quote marks to the start & end of the path.
We need to delete those before pressing enter. So press the home key to go to the beginning. Arrow over to the quote mark and press delete.
Now press the end key to go to the end of the edit box. Arrow to the other quote mark and press delete.

What is left is the path name to the file and will be something like this: C:\Video\Grinch\filename.ext

You can now press enter so Handbrake can open the file.
Leave all of the settings to their default, unless the movie or show has a audio description track. For that, you’ll need to move to the audio part of the settings and may have to experiment a bit to select the correct audio track. It won’t be the one that is selected & it might be another audio choice in English that might only show as Stereo.

Press tab until you get to Start Encode and press space.
NVDA & other screen readers should give you progress updates while the work is being done to compress that large file into another format.
Other than listening to your computer & hearing the progress bars, you’ll know Handbrake is done by pressing the Tab key. If after everything has settled down and you find the Start Encode button again, you are all done at this point.

You can find the finished file in the Video folder of your User folder in Windows. Press windows key plus r and type c: & press enter.
Next go to the Users folder & press enter. Arrow to your username and press enter.

The Video folder & your file will be in there.

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December 28 2019 Accessible Android App List

This is a list of apps that I find to be accessible on my Android phone.

I’m currently using a OnePlus 7 Pro that is on the International version of the Oxygen software.

I understand accessible has different meanings to people. I consider these apps to be accessible to me as I use a combination of touch & a bluetooth keyboard, depending on what I need or want to do.

Your milage may be different.

I’m using a Logitech K380 multi device keyboard. I’ve also been using my QBraille XL with my phone. Its a QWERTY keyboard & also a 40 cell braille display.

Here is a review from The Wirecutter of the Logitech K380 multi device bluetooth keyboard.

This is the case I have for my Logitech K380 keyboard. It will keep the keyboard safe, especially when in a backpack.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Shopping


Be My Eyes


Dark Sky


Envision AI


Google Fiber

Google News










Music Folder Player Full

My App List

NFC Labeler

Oxygen Updater

Pluto TV

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict – Donate

Prime Video

Samsung Portable SSD



Signal Spy



T‑Mobile Tuesdays


TuneIn Radio Pro



Uber Eats


Shared by ‘My App List’

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My Collection Of Online Audio Favorites

This is a list of files to play audio favorites that I keep on my computer. These files & shortcuts are just a handy way to get something going and is not intended to keep you from enjoying these same items when visiting the sources they come from. I’ve provided links to the sources, when that is available.

First, some notes on listening to the items contained in

The items that have the file extension of “.m3u” will open in the default player on your computer, such as Windows Media Player.

The items from PlutoTV will open in your default browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

A note about playing these. If you have never listened to something from PlutoTV before or have cleared any cookies or web files recently, there are a couple of things you may need to do in order to get the channels playing in your browser.

1. Navigate around the top of the page and if you find a link to Accept terms & continue, click on that.

2. Especially on your first visit, its often necessary to toggle the mute button a couple of times to get the audio playing. This can be done by navigating to the mute button, and pressing the space bar a few times. Once the audio is playing, you will not need to do this on future visits. Note: With many screen reading programs you can get to the mute button by pressing b when starting from the top of the page.

The two items that start with “web” are web page shortcuts that will take you to the web site & should start playing its audio automatically. Sometimes you need to refresh your browser by pressing F5 to get things going.

You may find other items to watch or listen to on these sites. As I said, the files in are just my collection, so please explore those sites to find more.

Bananavision Putting the Vision back in Television

Pluto TV It’s Free TV

The Listen Factor Listening With Friends

TWiT | Podcasts you love from people you trust

Below is a DropBox Link that will download to your computer. Copy the Audio Favorites folder out of the .zip file and paste it into a location of your choice.

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Thanks To All Now Have Android 10 on OnePlus 7 Pro

There are a few people I want to say thanks to because without them, my Wife and I wouldn’t have been able to do a couple of things to our phones as easily as we did.

We both have OnePlus 7 Pro phones from TMobile. Previously we both had the OnePlus 6T from Tmobile. We have both been using Android phones since 2012 and enjoying being able to customize our phones in a way that works for each of us, as we have individual needs in the area of accessibility.
Don’t listen to those who want to tell you that Android phones are not accessible as those folks either didn’t take the time to make the phone accessible for them, maybe they are wanting it to be just like a phone from another operating system, or maybe they forget that accessibility means different things to people and it isn’t about which software your phone uses, its about what works for each person. It isn’t about device x works for this group of people over here, so its what you should use too.

I found some articles mentioning how the OnePlus 7 Pro was no longer on TMobile sites for sale & that they are going to focus on the OnePlus 7T instead. I started to plan for the future and knew I wanted to change the version of the operating system on my phone to an international version so the updates would come from OnePlus and not be dependent on TMobile.

I went looking and found great info and help from the person who made the below video.

How to convert a T-Mobile OnePlus 7Pro to an International Version: Tutorial

The creator of the video gave great tips which helped me make the changes to both of our phones.

I wanted to mention another thanks. Just before I followed the steps in the above video, we called TMobile support, which I was reminded we have our own support team & will get the same people when we call again. The rep spoke with their local expert & confirmed that even though TMobile was no longer selling the phone that it would still be supported. I mentioned switching to the International version & was told I’m welcome to do that.

After following the directions exactly as they were given in the video and related web pages, we now had an International version of the OnePlus software on our phones and not the version from TMobile.

Later that same evening I got a tweet from Android Authority. Their article talked about how the OnePlus 7 Pro still had not received an update to Android 10. The article explained that with the International version of the OnePlus software there are methods for updating the software on our own. We took the easy way and downloaded an Android app from the play store, Oxygen Updater. Their article explained how the app works. So we downloaded Oxygen Updater and after it identified our phone model, it said an update that would install the Android 10 Oxygen update was available. The app explained how the update process worked and what we needed to do.

Here’s how to update OnePlus software as quickly as possible

I was happy to learn that after downloading the install file that the app verifies the download to make sure it was free of any errors.
We followed the easy directions and a few minutes later, the phones restarted and are now running the Android 10 update supplied by OnePlus.

So again, thank you to all of the people who were involved in this process. I’m also thankful to all who are involved in the Android community.
We also paid the $0.99 to remove ads in the Oxygen Updater app for each phone, which is another way to say thank you to an app developer. Here is a link to Oxygen Updater on the play store

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Tweets About Accessibility

The following are several tweets written by my Wife (@Imloti). I’ve just copied them in order and pasted the text.

So many people fall into this trap of, “If it doesn’t work exactly how I expect it to/I can’t figure out how it works in the first 5 seconds, it isn’t accessible.” Remember a few things, and overall your frustration level will go down and you’ll be able to discuss #A11y better 1/

First, accessibility isn’t about you specifically. Different people have different needs. What’s accessible for the deaf may not be accessible for the blind, what’s accessible for someone total may not be accessible for someone VI, & your needs may be different from mine. 2/

Second, try something for awhile. Experiment a little. And remember that just because you can’t figure it out yet doesn’t mean it isn’t accessible. It just means you don’t have all the tools in your toolbox that you need. 3/

Not knowing how to use a feature of your adaptive tech (mouse cursors or whatever they’re called these days being an example) doesn’t mean that something that requires it isn’t accessible. It just means you don’t have knowledge all the necessary tools. 4/

I’ve seen people go on and on about how this thing or that thing isn’t accessible while my husband @blindbites, who is much better with screen reader stuff than I am, does the exact same task with no trouble at all. It’s not just the tools you have, it’s how you use them. 5/

When in doubt, find someone else who uses the same tech you do. Even if usability is a factor (they’re different! – more on that in a minute), someone else may have come up with a solution that makes it a lot easier, or even doable. We’re here for each other. Reach out! 6/

Usability and accessibility are different things. Usability can be a problem for someone who has no accessibility needs. Something that’s technically accessible can have usability problems. This is an issue for even people who are experts & designers. 7/

Designing for usability includes accessibility. You can make something completely accessible that’s a pain to use, or you can make something usable that is just accessible by default because you designed for use already. There was a few years back, a shift toward this starting 8/

To wrap it all up, remember that not everyone has the same ability & the same knowledge. My accessibility needs are very different from many others. My skills and adeptness at using my chosen accessibility adaptations are also different from others. Don’t jump to conclusions! 9/9

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Lightbulb Moment – External Keyboard & Android Phone

I have a history of not always doing something the easy way. For awhile now, whenever I’ve done a factory reset on my phone or setup a new phone, I skip the option to connect to WiFi & to login to my Google account. I have a long password as everyone should and I don’t want to type it on an on screen keyboard. I usually wait to connect & sign in until I connect my Bluetooth keyboard.

The down side to doing things this way is I don’t get the automatic restore of apps, settings, & account info. I’ve always just done all of that manually later on.

The other day I had a cartoon moment where a light bulb appeared above my head. I realized that I have several USB to USB C adapters. I can easily attach one to the wired keyboard I use with my desktop computer. Its just a matter of connecting the keyboard to the USB C port on my phone. When I do that, I hear a notification that a keyboard is connected.

You may find on a wired keyboard, there may be a key combination now and then that the phone doesn’t recognize. These are rare & I can usually work around those issues with on screen gestures.

These adapters are fairly generic. Below is a shortened link to the ones I use.

aukey usb c adapter

If you are not familiar with the keyboard commands in Talkback, here are a few to get you started. The modifier key is the alt key.

Move to next item, alt right arrow.
Move to previous item, alt left arrow.
You can open the Global Context menu with alt spacebar.
Talkback has an option that is on by default to give you keyboard hints.

One tip in the Netflix app on Android. I learned the other day that while something is playing, you can press tab on an external keyboard and you can navigate to the various options that are available such as settings for audio language etc.. You can press alt enter to activate an item.

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