Disable this app is using GPS notification OnePlus 7 Pro

This is an annoying notification that I used to get on my OnePlus 6T and found some tips online on how to stop that.
It seems, maybe from updates, those tips just don’t get me where I need to be to disable that on my OnePlus 7 Pro.
So below are the steps I took to disable that notification. I’m writing this from the point of view as a guy who is blind and using TalkBack. If you aren’t using TalkBack, adjust the taps accordingly.

Open Settings and go to Apps & Notifications.
Move past the recently opened apps and double tap on See all 75 apps. The number is based on how many apps you have installed, so it’ll be different on yours.

Once the list of installed apps open, go to the upper right corner and double tap on MoreOptions. Double tap on Show System.
You will now have over 200 apps showing in your apps list.

Move down to Android System and double tap to open.
Double tap on Notifications.
Move to the GPS item and double tap.
Double tap on Show Notification to turn this off.
If you ever want to enable this again, just double tap to change from off to on.

Either move back or double tap on Navigate up.
Do that one more time to keep moving back to the big list of installed apps.

Double tap on the More Options button in the upper right corner. Double tap on Hide System.

The app list is now back to the installed apps that you have installed, for me, its back to 75. Move back one more time to exit the list.

This should remove the annoying message that this app is using GPS that I would hear randomly and also each time I opened an app such as Lyft, Maps, or Uber.

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