Being Weather Aware

I was reading a review of Weather apps today and noticed there was no mention of the types of weather and severe weather we have here in Kansas City.

While my suggestions are not a review, this is what I use to stay weather aware.

First, we have two Midland emergency alert weather radios in our apartment. We learned soon after we moved in, during a weekly test, the weather radio in the bedroom could not be heard in the living room.
This is because of how our new apartment is laid out. So we purchased a second radio just for the living room.

If you are totally blind like me, you’ll need some assistance in the first setup of these radios. Its a matter of selecting your state & county and enabling the weekly test.
These radios are just too simple of devices to expect them to have screen reading software built in. The good thing though, once its setup the first time, the radio remembers your choices, even through power outages. I’ve known some people who have used Be My Eyes to get help.
Here is this radio at Amazon. It can be purchased at other places though. Also make sure you select voice alerts so it will sound an alert tone then will start playing the emergency info.

The other thing I use, & I do believe in having both is the Accuweather app. Its available for both Android & IOS devices. It will use your location and alert you of any severe weather along with current conditions and forecast based on where you are.
Over the past few years, I’ve noticed that I will get an alert from the Accuweather app about 30 seconds before the weather radio sounds its alert. Sometimes it might be at the same time, but its nice knowing this is how accurate they are at getting out the alert information.
I use an Android phone and can say it is a very accessible experience. I hope its just the same on IOS.



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