Lightbulb Moment – External Keyboard & Android Phone

I have a history of not always doing something the easy way. For awhile now, whenever I’ve done a factory reset on my phone or setup a new phone, I skip the option to connect to WiFi & to login to my Google account. I have a long password as everyone should and I don’t want to type it on an on screen keyboard. I usually wait to connect & sign in until I connect my Bluetooth keyboard.

The down side to doing things this way is I don’t get the automatic restore of apps, settings, & account info. I’ve always just done all of that manually later on.

The other day I had a cartoon moment where a light bulb appeared above my head. I realized that I have several USB to USB C adapters. I can easily attach one to the wired keyboard I use with my desktop computer. Its just a matter of connecting the keyboard to the USB C port on my phone. When I do that, I hear a notification that a keyboard is connected.

You may find on a wired keyboard, there may be a key combination now and then that the phone doesn’t recognize. These are rare & I can usually work around those issues with on screen gestures.

These adapters are fairly generic. Below is a shortened link to the ones I use.

aukey usb c adapter

If you are not familiar with the keyboard commands in Talkback, here are a few to get you started. The modifier key is the alt key.

Move to next item, alt right arrow.
Move to previous item, alt left arrow.
You can open the Global Context menu with alt spacebar.
Talkback has an option that is on by default to give you keyboard hints.

One tip in the Netflix app on Android. I learned the other day that while something is playing, you can press tab on an external keyboard and you can navigate to the various options that are available such as settings for audio language etc.. You can press alt enter to activate an item.

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