My 111 Story

So, before I tell this story, all through my life, its been a common thing to check the time and its either 1:11 or 11:11, AM or PM it doesn’t matter.
I wouldn’t check the time trying for it to be one of those times, it just randomly happened.

So once upon a time… I went on a trip with a friend that I was working for.
We went from Kansas City, Missouri to Fort Wayne, Indiana for a visit with a company who’s software I used at the time. It was based on a friendly invite from one of their employees we met at a info fair that we were also part of.

Back then there was a regular airplane flight between Kansas City & St. Louis. It took about 40 minutes. From there we took a slightly longer flight to Fort Wayne.

I hadn’t been in Fort Wayne since I was a little kid visiting my Great Grandpa & my friend, the sighted one of us had never been there. So while signing paperwork for the car rental, we made sure to get directions to the motel we had reservations at.

They told us to get on the highway and take exit 111.
We did that and easily found the Super 8 motel. Got checked in & given the key to our room, room 111.

The two of us relaxed as our scheduled time with that company wasn’t until a couple of hours later.

We are watching TV and the phone in our room rings. It wasn’t the regular ringing pattern though. It went ring,

Like it was ringing 1, 1, 1. I picked up the phone and there was just a dial tone.
I said they must have dialed the wrong room number. A few minutes later, the same thing happened. Ring, Ring, Ring.

This time my friend answered it but again, just a dial tone. He called up to the front desk. They said it wasn’t them calling & they’ve never heard of that happening.

At this point we start talking and are saying how strange this is with the highway exit, our room number & now this thing with the phone.

The time came to leave for our appointment. I got to play around with a new version of their software that was going to be making some changes in how one made adjustments in settings. I also got to meet some people there that I had been communicating with for a few years, but never got to meet in person.

The time came as we were finishing our visit and my friend bought some software using the company checkbook.
The next check in the checkbook was check 1110. We looked at each other and said this is just too strange. Keeping the events to ourself at that point, we ended our visit.

We went to have dinner which thankfully was without any number events.

We went back to our motel, yes still room 111 and watched tv again until it was time to retire for the night. No more ringing phones though.

We had an alarm set for the morning, grabbed something that was free there at the motel for breakfast, pastries or something & left for the airport.

Flew back to St. Louis and went to the gate for our flight back to Kansas City. At this point, once we were sitting down, my friend informs me of the flight number, yeah, you guessed it, 111.

He said there is one more thing I need to tell you.
Of course knowing I was totally blind, he knew I couldn’t see his drivers license but he said I could scan it once we get back to my apartment.

His birthday, January 11.
We are thinking something really odd is going on but don’t want to talk about it.

Thankfully we had a safe short flight back home & nothing like that ever happened again.

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