Favorite Sites

When I started my blog I was all about weight loss surgery because that was the big thing in my life at the time. It was a major change in my health. As the years have passed, I’m still sharing information about weight loss surgery but also other interests that I have. Weight loss surgery isn’t what I am, its a life saving change that I’m very thankful to have done.
So here are some of my favorite places to go online for information. Life is about always having something to learn and I hope these links will help you do that.

Sex isn’t something to be ashamed of or only talk about in a quiet voice so nobody else knows. It is a part of life and a part of your health. This is an excellent source of information. It doesn’t matter if you are taking care of things by yourself or with someone else, there is always something to learn about. You’ll find truthful information from real people at this site.

A great source of news and podcasts covering the wide world of technology. There are shows covering many interests along with information on subscribing to new episodes and listening live.

The World According To EggFace
I wouldn’t be where I am today without learning of this wonderful lady and her blog. I’m thankful to have learned of her before I had Gastric Bypass Surgery. If you are looking for the best in recipes, making your own yummy protein shakes, and product ideas for living a healthy happy yummy life after weight loss surgery than this blog is the place to be.

android police
Wonderful information for those of us living in the Android world. News, reviews, and commentary on all things Android.

directions for me
The best place for product directions and nutritional information that those of us who are blind just can’t read on that box in the freezer. You can do a easy search on the site or also use a bar code scanner to enter the UPC code from that box of Atkins crustless pot pie or was that the box of three cheese omelettes, they feel the same when the boxes are so cold. You don’t have to wonder anymore thanks to this excellent site.

weight loss surgery podcast
This excellent source of information and support should be a required part of every weight loss surgery program in the country. You won’t find a person who is more caring, more involved, and more educated about weight loss surgery than Reeger. You’ll always know she cares and believes in you when you listen to an episode of this excellent podcast. Show her some support in return by donating $1 a month or more to help offset her costs, I do.

The Listen Factor
This is a wonderful source of free streaming audio. They have everything from classic tv shows, old time radio, movies, and music.
You can listen at their web site or through a media player of your choice on your computer, phone, or tablet. Just download my collection of .m3u files for the eight channels of streaming audio that The Listen Factor offers.
On their site you can also subscribe to a daily channel guide.
To get my personal collection of the .m3u files: