TheListenFactor weekend channel guide

Once again I am going to share the weekend channel guide from this wonderful source of streaming audio.
You can go to:

to listen to your choice of the eight channels below.
I am so thankful for the people at The Listen Factor, sharing their weekend channel guide is just my way of saying thank you.
You can find information on their site on how to receive the program schedule on a daily basis.

Good morning all

here’s your weekend channel guide.

We have a few changes on our weekend schedule.

On channel5 on Saturday, Silver Spoons begins airing at 2:00, 10:00 and 6:00. On channel5 on Sunday, The Bernie Mack Show is coming to TLF. The first 3 seasons are described. It airs at 9:00, 5:00 and 1:00

On channel2 we have some changes to our game show block. The current price is right will air at 12:00, 8:00 and 4:00. This is followed by celeberty family feud a summer series. Feud is followed by a new version of Match game at 12:45, 8:45 and 4:45. And finally the $100,000 Pyramid airs at 2:45, 10:45 and 6:45. These 3 shows are summer series. I think you’ll enjoy them. Give them a try.

I’m indulging myself in this weekends marathon by airing Gunsmoke. I’m a fan of westerns and gunsmoke is the quintasential western. So western fans out there join me on channel4 and we’ll listen together.

mike has put together a fun group of movies on channel7 this weekend based on your request. They sound pretty exciting. Drop by.

Thanks for listening everyone.

Denise and the TLF team

Remember, this is not a chat list. for assistance, questions, concerns or suggestions, send an email to


Weekend Schedule

all times eastern. use the letter H to move through the headings to the channel you’re looking for. then arrow down to here show times.

Channel1 Situation Comedies, saturday, Oldies but Goodies

Petticoat Junction- 8:00AMPM

Family Affair- 9:00AMPM

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis- 10:00AMPM

The Flying Nun- 10:30AM and PM

The Real McCoys- 11:00AMPM

My Favorite Martian- 11:30AMPM

The Donna Reed Show- 12:00PMAM

The Brady Bunch- 1:00PMAM

Andy Griffith- 2:00PMAM

Mr Ed- 3:00PMAM

full House- 4:00PMAM

Dick Van Dyke- 5:00PMAM

My Three Sons- 6:00PMAM

The Courtship of Eddies Father- 7:00PMAM

Channel1 Situation Comedies, Sunday

Gilligan’s Island- 8:00AM, 4:00PM, 12:00AM

That Girl- 9:00AM, 5:00PM, 1:00AM

Green Acres- 10:00AM, 6:00PM, 2:00AM

Hazel- 11:00AM, 7:00PM, 3:00AM

Leave it to Beaver- 12:00PM, 8:00PM, 4:00AM

Happy Days- 1:00PM, 9:00PM, 5:00AM

Mr Belvedere- 2:00PM, 10:00PM, 6:00AM

Charles in Charge- 3:00PM, 11:00PM, 7:00AM

Channel2 Variety Programming, Saturday

Game shows Galore!

Bagage on the Road, Newly Wed Game, 8:00AM, 4:00PM, 12:00AM

Catch 21, 25,000$ Pyramid- 8:45AM, 4:45PM, 12:45AM

Match Game, Hollywood Squares- 9:30AM, 5:30PM, 1:30AM

Password- 10:30AM, 6:30PM, 2:30AM

Legend of the Hidden Temple- 11:00AM, 7:00PM, 3:00AM

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego- 11:30AM, 7:30PM, 3:30AM

Family Feud, Celeberty Name Game, Jeopardy- 12:00PM, 8:00PM, 4:00AM

Early Childhood Mix of Shows- 1:00PM, 9:00PM, 5:00AM

Rin Tin Tin, My Friend Flica, Annie Oakley and Sky King will air in this slot.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch animated series- 1:30PM, 9:30PM, 5:30AM

Mixed Cartoons- 2:15PM, 10:15PM, 6:15AM

cartoons from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, Alf, george of the Jungle, fat albert, majilla the gurilla, milton the monster, inspector gagit, fonzy and the gang and many more

the flintstones- 3:00PM, 11:00PM, 7:00AM

The Jetsons- 3:30PM, 11:30PM, 7:30AM

Channel2 Variety Programming, Sunday

Diagnosis Murder- 8:00AM, 4:00PM, 12:00AM

Moonlighting- 9:00AM, 5:00PM, 1:00AM

Cagney and Lacy- 10:00AM, 6:00PM, 2:00AM

Cannon- 11:PM, 7:00PM, 3:00AM

Six Million Dollar Man- 12:00PM, 8:00PM, 4:00AM

Wonder Woman- 1:00PM, 9:00PM, 5:00AM

The Incredible Hulk- 2:00PM, 10:00PM, 6:00PM

Batman- 3:00PM, 11:00PM, 7:00AM

The Adventures of Superman- 3:30PM, 11:30PM, 7:30AM

Channel3 Education, Games and Reality Programming, Saturday

The Simpsons, DVS- Sat. 8:00AM, 4:00PM, Sun. 12:00AM, Mon. 12:00AM

King of the hill- Sat.8:45AM, 4:45PM, Sun.12:45AM, Mon.12:45AM

Knight Rider- Sat.9:30AM, 5:30PM, Sun.1:30AM, Mon.1:30AM

Dual Survival- Sat. 10:30AM, 6:30PM, Sun. 2:30AM, Mon. 2:30AM

The show features a pair of survival experts in predetermined scenarios while in challenging environments without specialized equipment.

Two and a Half Men, sitcom- Sat. 11:15AM, 7:15PM Sun. 3:15AM, Mon. 3:15AM

The Dukes of Hazzard- Sat. 12:pm, 8:00PM, Sun. 4:00AM, 8:00PM, Mon. 4:00AM

The A Team- Sat. 1:00PM, 9:00PM Sun. 5:00AM, 9:00PM, Mon. 5:00AM

American action-adventure series, about a fictional group of ex–U.S. Army Special Forces personnel who, after being imprisoned as war criminals “for a crime they didn’t commit”, escape and, work as soldiers of fortune.

Bob’s Burgers, DVS – Sat. 2:00PM, 10:00PM, Sun. 6:00AM, 10:00PM, Mon. 6:00AM

Bob and his family own and operate their own restaurant. needless to say, they are not exactly the most polished and professional or conventional managers. this is an adult animated show.

Married with Children, sitcom- Sat. 3:00PM, 11:00PM, Sun. 7:00AM, 11:00PM, Mon. 7:00AM

Channel3 Education, Games and Reality Programming, Sunday

Your Story Hour- 8:00AM, 4:00PM

childrens’ stories with a christian theme. suitable for adults too.

Davey and Goliath- 8:30AM, 4:30PM

listen along to a fine adventure of davey and his best pal goliath his faithful dog and often his conscience.

Adventures in Odissy- 8:45AM, 4:45PM

Young people grapple with life’s road bumps and must make good decisions.

Down Gilead Lane- 9:15AM, 5:15PM

Follows a number of families as they grapple withhow to best live their lives in a faith filled manner.

Left behind series, adults – 10:15AM, 6:15PM

What would you do if suddenly a friend or family simply disappeared leaving you behind? radio dramatization of the popular novels.

Left behind series, kids – 11:05AM, 7:05PM

a radio dramatization of the popular novels oriented toward young people. suited for adults as well.

Sunday Afternoon, BBC Block

Various dramas- Wed.8:00AM, Fri.8:00AM and Sun.12:00PM/Noon

Various dramas- Wed9:30AM, Fri9:30AM and Sun 1:30PM

Various dramas- Wed.11:00AM, Fri. 11:00AM and Sun. 3:00PM

Channel4 Variety programming, Show Marathon

Gunsmoke will air this weekend as our tv marathon- saturday 8:00AM through 8:00AM monday morning when regular programming begins.

show sets begin at the top of the hour

Channel5 Variety Programming, Saturday, Kids Front and Center

The Patty Duke Show- 8:00AM, 4:00PM, 12:00AM

A Different World- 9:00AM, 5:00PM, 1:00AM

California Dreams- 9:45AM, 5:45PM, 1:45AM

Dennis the Menace- 10:30AM, 6:30PM, 2:30AM

The Wonder years- 11:15AM, 7:15PM, 3:15AM

The Facts of Life- 12:00PM, 8:00PM, 4:00AM

Boy Meets World- 1:00PM, 9:00PM, 5:00AM

Silver Spoons- 2:pm, 10:00PM, 6:00AM

The Partridge Family- 3:00PM, 11:00PM, 7:00AM

Channel5 Variety Programming, Sunday

Some not forgotten favorites

Different Strokes- 8:00AM, 4:00PM, 12:00AM

The Bernie Mack Show, DVS and NonDVS – 9:00AM, 5:00PM, 1:00AM

Seinfeld- 9:45AM, 5:45PM, 1:45AM

Grace Under Fire- 10:30AM, 6:30PM, 2:30AM

Frasier- 11:15AM, 7:15PM, 3:15AM

Sandford and Sons- 12:PM, 8:00PM, 4:00AM

Fresh Prince of Bel Aire- 1:00PM, 9:00PM, 5:00AM

The Jeffersons- 2:00PM, 10:00PM, 6:00AM

Amen- 3:00PM, 11:00PM, 7:00AM

Channel6 Old Time Radio, OTR

8:00AM- Variety of crime detective stories

9:00AM- Variety of suspense, horror, macobre stories

These will alternate all weekend with new episodes playing so drop in several times if you like.

Regular programming begins on Monday at 8:00AM

Channel 7 Movies For You

The weekends are driven primarily by your requests and this weekend will be no exception! If we haven’t gotten to your requests, don’t lose heart! The most likely cause is that we are still trying to track down your movies as is the case with this group of movie suggestions! For those who requested these, Thanks for your patience and we hope you enjoy these flix!

WoodLawn NDVs: midnight, 8 AM and 4 PM
Any Given Sunday DVs: 2:15 AM, 10:15 AM and 6:15 PM
Quarantine DVS: 4:30 AM, 12:30 PM and 8:30 PM
Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead NDVS: 6 AM, 2 PM and 10 PM

Channel8 Musical Madness

Saturday’s theme is Boot Scootin’ Saturdays on Music Madness featuring the best in new country and all of those classics from artists such as: Carrie Underwood, Kenny Rogers, Florida Georgia Line and Dolly Parton

Sunday is smoothe jazz sunday.

Plot Summaries

WoodLawn NDVs:

A gifted high school football player must learn to embrace his talent and his faith as he battles racial tensions on and off the field.
In 1973, a spiritual awakening captured the heart of nearly every player on the Woodlawn High School football team. Their dedication to love and unity, in a newly desegregated school filled with racism and hate, leads to the largest high school football game ever played in the torn city of Birmingham, Alabama, and the rise of superstar, Tony Nathan.
After racial tensions begin to boil over at a high school, the school’s football coach allows a local man preaching a message of positivity, faith and love to speak to his players. Their play begins to improve, and the town begins to heal socially and spiritually in response.

Any Given Sunday DVs:

A star quarterback gets knocked out of the game and an unknown third stringer is called in to replace him. The unknown gives a stunning performance and forces the aging coach to reevaluate his game plans and life. A new co-owner/president adds to the pressure of winning. The new owner must prove her self in a male dominated world.

Quarantine DVS:

Television reporter Angela Vidal and her cameraman are assigned to spend the night shift with a Los Angeles Fire Station. After a routine 911 call takes them to a small apartment building, they find police officers already on the scene in response to blood curdling screams coming from one of the apartment units. They soon learn that a woman living in the building has been infected by something unknown. After a few of the residents are viciously attacked, they try to escape with the news crew in tow, only to find that the CDC has quarantined the building. Phones, internet, televisions and cell phone access have been cut-off, and officials are not relaying information to those locked inside. When the quarantine is finally lifted, the only evidence of what took place is the news crew’s videotape.

Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead NDVS:

It’s a summer full of unexpected fun and foul play when mom takes a trip to Australia leaving Sue Ellen and the kids behind. What they didn’t expect was the babysitter mom left to take care of them – an elderly tyrant who’s ready to make their lives miserable – until she keels over dead on the first night. Now the kids figure they can have the summer of their dreams, only they don’t have any money for the basics – like movies, dates and pizza. It’s up to Sue Ellen to find a job, but to make it in the adult world she has to fake it from the top of her resume to the tip of her nail polish. If she succeeds, Sue Ellen and the kids are going to have a summer they’ll never forget…so long as they Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead


NUT Meeting July 9, 2016

Please join us for the next meeting of Northland Users of Technology (NUT).

Saturday July 9, 2016 10:00 – 11:30 AM.

Hy-Vee Club Room

5330 NW 64th Street
Kansas City, MO 64151
Store: 816-505-1311

If you need assistance in getting to the Club Room, just stop at Customer Service.

Many people do arrive around 9:30 AM for conversation and to get started on Breakfast. We do have wonderful people from Hy-Vee who will go to the Kitchen area to get food.

We ask that everyone set their phones to silent or vibrate so they do not become a distraction while someone is demonstrating or during the process of asking & answering questions.

A few of the things I plan to talk about & demonstrate are Google’s new option for two factor verification, streaming audio including News, TV shows, Cartoons, and Movies, and maybe a call from a previous episode of The Tech Guy Radio show.

Please bring yourself and a friend. There is no requirement for a level of knowledge, experience, or disability.

We all learn from each other by asking questions. None of us just woke up one day knowing everything we know. There is always something to learn for each of us.

Please feel free to bring or talk about anything you want to share with the group.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at:


This is a list of the apps that I currently use on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 which is running Android Marshmallow on Sprint.

I use these apps with a bluetooth keyboard, by touch, or a combination of both, depending on the app and what I’m doing.

These apps work for me, so I consider them accessible.
Your mileage may vary.

One note: When I go to these links on the Google Play web site, I am signed into Google. This allows me to press space on Install or Installed and install the app to my phone or other devices.

Acapela TTS Voices:


Amazon Kindle:






Device Manager:


ETI-Eloquence TTS:


Google Opinion Rewards:





Music Folder Player Full:

NFC Labeler:

Nearby Explorer Online:

Nova Launcher Prime:

Pocket Casts:

Pro Weather Alert:

Scanner Radio Pro:

Sex Offenders Search:





Talking Caller ID Pro:


Touchless Notifications Pro:

TuneIn Radio Pro:




Vocalizer Voices:

Weather Timeline:


What’s New in NVDA,2016.2

What is NVDA?
NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) is a free “screen reader” which enables blind and vision impaired people to use computers. It reads the text on the screen in a computerised voice. You can control what is read to you by moving the cursor to the relevant area of text with a mouse or the arrows on your keyboard.
NVDA can also convert the text into braille if the computer user owns a device called a “braille display”.
NVDA provides the key to education and employment for many blind people. It also provides access to social networking, online shopping, banking and news.
NVDA works with Microsoft Windows. You can download it to your PC, or to a USB stick which you can use with any computer.
Normally screen readers are expensive, making them unaffordable for many blind people. NVDA is free. It’s been downloaded 70,000+ times, in 43 languages.

To download your copy of NVDA go to:

What’s New in NVDA
Highlights of this release include the ability to indicate spelling errors while typing; support for reporting grammar errors in Microsoft Word; and improvements and fixes to Microsoft Office support.
New Features
• In browse mode in Internet Explorer and other MSHTML controls, using first letter navigation to move by annotation (a and shift+a) now moves to inserted and deleted text. (#5691)
• In Microsoft Excel, NVDA now reports the level of a group of cells, as well as whether it is collapsed or expanded. (#5690)
• Pressing the Report text formatting command (NVDA+f) twice presents the information in browse mode so it can be reviewed. (#4908)
• In Microsoft Excel 2010 and later, cell shading and gradient fill is now reported. Automatic reporting is controlled by the Report colors option in NVDA’s Document Formatting preferences. (#3683)
• New braille translation table: Koine Greek. (#5393)
• In the Log Viewer, you can now save the log using the shortcut key control+s. (#4532)
• If reporting of spelling errors is enabled and supported in the focused control, NVDA will play a sound to alert you of a spelling error made while typing. This can be disabled using the new “Play sound for spelling errors while typing” option in NVDA’s Keyboard Settings dialog. (#2024)
• Grammar errors are now reported in Microsoft Word. This can be disabled using the new “Report grammar errors” option in NVDA’s Document Formatting preferences dialog. (#5877)
• In browse mode and editable text fields, NVDA now treats numpadEnter the same as the main enter key. (#5385)
• NVDA has switched to the eSpeak NG speech synthesizer. (#5651)
• In Microsoft Excel, NVDA no longer ignores a column header for a cell when there is a blank row between the cell and the header. (#5396)
• In Microsoft Excel, coordinates are now announced before headers to eliminate ambiguity between headers and content. (#5396)
Bug Fixes
• In browse mode, when attempting to use single letter navigation to move to an element which isn’t supported for the document, NVDA reports that this isn’t supported rather than reporting that there is no element in that direction. (#5691)
• When listing sheets in the Elements List in Microsoft Excel, sheets containing only charts are now included. (#5698)
• NVDA no longer reports extraneous information when switching windows in a Java application with multiple windows such as IntelliJ or Android Studio. (#5732)
• In Scintilla based editors such as Notepad++, braille is now updated correctly when moving the cursor using a braille display. (#5678)
• NVDA no longer sometimes crashes when enabling braille output. (#4457)
• In Microsoft Word, paragraph indentation is now always reported in the measurement unit chosen by the user (e.g. centimeters or inches). (#5804)
• When using a braille display, many NVDA messages that were previously only spoken are now brailled as well. (#5557)
• In accessible Java applications, the level of tree view items is now reported. (#5766)
• Fixed crashes in Adobe Flash in Mozilla Firefox in some cases. (#5367)
• In Google Chrome and Chrome-based browsers, documents within dialogs or applications can now be read in browse mode. (#5818)
• In Google Chrome and Chrome-based browsers, you can now force NVDA to switch to browse mode in web dialogs or applications. (#5818)
• In Internet Explorer and other MSHTML controls, moving focus to certain controls (specifically, where aria-activedescendant is used) no longer incorrectly switches to browse mode. This occurred, for example, when moving to suggestions in address fields when composing a message in Gmail. (#5676)
• In Microsoft Word, NVDA no longer freezes in large tables when reporting of table row/column headers is enabled. (#5878)
• In Microsoft word, NVDA no longer incorrectly reports text with an outline level (but not a built-in heading style) as a heading. (#5186)
• In browse mode in Microsoft Word, the Move past end/to start of container commands (comma and shift+comma) now work for tables. (

NUT Meeting Saturday June 11, 2016, 10:00am – 11:30am

You are invited to the next meeting of Northland Users of Technology.
Saturday June 11, 2016, 10:00am – 11:30am
Hy-Vee Club Room
5330 NW 64th Street
Kansas City, MO 64151
Store: 816-505-1311

Please join us for friendly conversation about technology and how it helps those who are blind and visually impaired. We are an unstructured group with no membership fees, officers, or bylaws. We are about getting together to talk with each other in person and enjoying yummy food.

Bring yourself and bring a friend. There is no requirement that people have a visual impairment or any level of knowledge about technology. We are here to help and not judge. There are no stupid questions. Everyone has a different level of knowledge about things, and asking questions is how we learn from each other.

If you need assistance getting to the Club Room, just stop at the Customer Service desk and they will be happy to help you get there.

Out of respect to other people at the meeting and anyone who is demonstrating or explaining something, we ask that you please set your phone to silent or vibrate during our meeting. If you need to return a call, please do so outside the Club Room or after the meeting.
If you need help learning how to set your phone to silent or vibrate and how to return a missed call, just ask and we will be happy to show you how.

Northland Users of Technology has an email list where we discuss all things tech. The email list is the same format as our meetings, friendly and helpful. None of us woke up one day knowing everything about technology. It’s a learning process that is ongoing. So remember, the only stupid question is the one not asked.

You can join the NUTKC email list by sending a new message to:


You will get a message from Yahoo Groups confirming that you want to join the list. Reply to that message, leaving the message blank. Just press reply and then send.

Once you are a member of the list you can post a new message by sending an email to:

Please join us at our monthly meetings and on our discussion list. Everyone has something to add that can help others.

Listening to streaming audio on an Android device (Updated)

Listening to streaming audio on an Android device
This has been updated from its original post on August 21, 2015.

I use a wonderful free app on both my android phone and android tablet to listen to streaming audio especially those that have a playlist.

The app is VLC for Android.

After installing the app I connected my phone to my computer, opened the drive for the phone and on the storage card I created a folder to keep all of my playlists. I named my folder AAA so it would be at the top of the list of folders and I didn’t have to move down the list of folders. This is out of being lazy and to just make it easy to get to.

I use a file manager app on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5. There are many out there. The one I use is: File Commander

When you are ready to listen to a playlist you have on your android device, browse to the folder you keep your playlists in.

Double tap on the playlist you want to play and the first time you do this for each type of a playlist, you’ll be asked which app you want to open the playlist.

Select VLC and your phone or device should remember that choice for the next time you play that type of file.

You will need to do this once for each type of playlist, those that end with .m3u or .pls or other supported file types.

The player will open and start to play the first channel in the playlist.

Downloading Playlists

To download a playlist from a web site such as The Listen Factor, or just look for the link that says something about playlist to listen with your own player. It might also mention being able to listen to all of the channels with another player or device. Right click or use the context key on your keyboard and press enter on save link as.

Then save the playlist to your computer and copy it to your device.

Here are links to my favorite places to listen to audio.

The Listen Factor

Accessible Android Apps May 29, 2016

These are the apps that I have installed and am currently using on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 from Sprint. It is running Android 6.0.1 with the May 2016 security updates.

These apps work for me, so I consider them accessible. I use a Bluetooth keyboard with some apps or part of an app and touch for the rest. It just depends on what I’m doing in an app to make things work better for me.

Acapela TTS Voices:

Amazon Kindle:







Device Manager:


ETI-Eloquence TTS:



File Commander:

Google Opinion Rewards:






Music Folder Player Full:

NFC Labeler:

Nearby Explorer Online:


Nova Launcher:

Pocket Casts:

Pro Weather Alert:

Scanner Radio Pro:

Sex Offenders Search:





Touchless Notifications Pro:

TuneIn Radio Pro:




Vocalizer Voices: