Tweets About Accessibility

The following are several tweets written by my Wife (@Imloti). I’ve just copied them in order and pasted the text.

So many people fall into this trap of, “If it doesn’t work exactly how I expect it to/I can’t figure out how it works in the first 5 seconds, it isn’t accessible.” Remember a few things, and overall your frustration level will go down and you’ll be able to discuss #A11y better 1/

First, accessibility isn’t about you specifically. Different people have different needs. What’s accessible for the deaf may not be accessible for the blind, what’s accessible for someone total may not be accessible for someone VI, & your needs may be different from mine. 2/

Second, try something for awhile. Experiment a little. And remember that just because you can’t figure it out yet doesn’t mean it isn’t accessible. It just means you don’t have all the tools in your toolbox that you need. 3/

Not knowing how to use a feature of your adaptive tech (mouse cursors or whatever they’re called these days being an example) doesn’t mean that something that requires it isn’t accessible. It just means you don’t have knowledge all the necessary tools. 4/

I’ve seen people go on and on about how this thing or that thing isn’t accessible while my husband @blindbites, who is much better with screen reader stuff than I am, does the exact same task with no trouble at all. It’s not just the tools you have, it’s how you use them. 5/

When in doubt, find someone else who uses the same tech you do. Even if usability is a factor (they’re different! – more on that in a minute), someone else may have come up with a solution that makes it a lot easier, or even doable. We’re here for each other. Reach out! 6/

Usability and accessibility are different things. Usability can be a problem for someone who has no accessibility needs. Something that’s technically accessible can have usability problems. This is an issue for even people who are experts & designers. 7/

Designing for usability includes accessibility. You can make something completely accessible that’s a pain to use, or you can make something usable that is just accessible by default because you designed for use already. There was a few years back, a shift toward this starting 8/

To wrap it all up, remember that not everyone has the same ability & the same knowledge. My accessibility needs are very different from many others. My skills and adeptness at using my chosen accessibility adaptations are also different from others. Don’t jump to conclusions! 9/9

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Lightbulb Moment – External Keyboard & Android Phone

I have a history of not always doing something the easy way. For awhile now, whenever I’ve done a factory reset on my phone or setup a new phone, I skip the option to connect to WiFi & to login to my Google account. I have a long password as everyone should and I don’t want to type it on an on screen keyboard. I usually wait to connect & sign in until I connect my Bluetooth keyboard.

The down side to doing things this way is I don’t get the automatic restore of apps, settings, & account info. I’ve always just done all of that manually later on.

The other day I had a cartoon moment where a light bulb appeared above my head. I realized that I have several USB to USB C adapters. I can easily attach one to the wired keyboard I use with my desktop computer. Its just a matter of connecting the keyboard to the USB C port on my phone. When I do that, I hear a notification that a keyboard is connected.

You may find on a wired keyboard, there may be a key combination now and then that the phone doesn’t recognize. These are rare & I can usually work around those issues with on screen gestures.

These adapters are fairly generic. Below is a shortened link to the ones I use.

aukey usb c adapter

If you are not familiar with the keyboard commands in Talkback, here are a few to get you started. The modifier key is the alt key.

Move to next item, alt right arrow.
Move to previous item, alt left arrow.
You can open the Global Context menu with alt spacebar.
Talkback has an option that is on by default to give you keyboard hints.

One tip in the Netflix app on Android. I learned the other day that while something is playing, you can press tab on an external keyboard and you can navigate to the various options that are available such as settings for audio language etc.. You can press alt enter to activate an item.

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Disable this app is using GPS notification OnePlus 7 Pro

This is an annoying notification that I used to get on my OnePlus 6T and found some tips online on how to stop that.
It seems, maybe from updates, those tips just don’t get me where I need to be to disable that on my OnePlus 7 Pro.
So below are the steps I took to disable that notification. I’m writing this from the point of view as a guy who is blind and using TalkBack. If you aren’t using TalkBack, adjust the taps accordingly.

Open Settings and go to Apps & Notifications.
Move past the recently opened apps and double tap on See all 75 apps. The number is based on how many apps you have installed, so it’ll be different on yours.

Once the list of installed apps open, go to the upper right corner and double tap on MoreOptions. Double tap on Show System.
You will now have over 200 apps showing in your apps list.

Move down to Android System and double tap to open.
Double tap on Notifications.
Move to the GPS item and double tap.
Double tap on Show Notification to turn this off.
If you ever want to enable this again, just double tap to change from off to on.

Either move back or double tap on Navigate up.
Do that one more time to keep moving back to the big list of installed apps.

Double tap on the More Options button in the upper right corner. Double tap on Hide System.

The app list is now back to the installed apps that you have installed, for me, its back to 75. Move back one more time to exit the list.

This should remove the annoying message that this app is using GPS that I would hear randomly and also each time I opened an app such as Lyft, Maps, or Uber.

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Accessible Android Apps – August 2019

This is a list of apps that I am currently using on my OnePlus 6T.

I know accessible means different things to people, as we are all different and have our own needs. I am totally blind and use a combination of touch and an external bluetooth keyboard. Its a matter of which option I choose to use for what I want or need to do. This is what makes these apps accessible to me.
I’m also using the default launcher on my OnePlus 6T. It is very accessible for me as its easy to move apps around on each home screen and also place apps in the dock.
TalkBack has a great set of keyboard commands that just make sense, plus you can customize them to your needs.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Shopping

Be My Eyes

Dark Sky


Envision AI


File Manager

Google Fiber

Google News

Google Home






Google Messages

Music Folder Player Full

My App List


NFC Labeler



Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict – Donate

Prime Video

Samsung Portable SSD



Signal Spy

T‑Mobile Tuesdays



TuneIn Radio Pro



Uber Eats


Shared by ‘My App List’

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Example Using Envision AI To Convert An Image

This is an example of how well a job Envision AI for Android does with scanning an image from email.

We receive a free service from the Post Office called Informed Delivery. They send an email with the scanned image of an envelope to let us know what is coming in the mail delivery.

In the email you would find text like this:

“Scanned image of your mail piece”

I can double tap on the scanned image part & open the picture on my phone.

After selecting view image, I can go to the “more Options” button in the upper right and select to share the image. I’ve got it set to always share with Envision AI.

The image opens in the Envision AI app and is done with the conversion before I can even move to that part of the screen.

Below is the text from a recent email. I only changed the street names & numbers in the address to protect my privacy, no other changes were made. I used the copy button in Envision AI for Android and pasted it in a new email message to myself.

5820 Westown Parkway West Des Moines , IA 50266
Hy – Vee Inc
Pleasa deliver August 5 – 7 2019
Time sensitve

One thing to keep in mind, the images that the Post Office sends are not of the highest quality or resolution. They are used in sorting the mail & not meant for photo quality.

Envision AI is available for both Android & IOS.

You can learn more about Envision AI at:

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RoboVac 30c Review

I posted this review on Amazon & thought I’d share it on my blog.

Excellent Vacuum & Support

We Love Our RoboVac 30c!
We’ve had ours for about a month & a half at this point. Its quiet & works great. I empty its bin after each use & usually use the automatic or quick mode daily. We only use the other vacuum about every two weeks in those few odd places of our apartment.

My Wife & I are blind / low vision. We have received great feedback from sighted friends on how clean our carpet & floors are thanks to RoboVac.

The Android app works well, giving feedback on if the RoboVac is cleaning, charging, or if there is an error like side brushes stuck or main roller and suction problem.
Ours is connected to both our Amazon Echo Dots & our Google Home devices. Both do the same, so no need to do both unless you want. Easy to find RoboVac with the assistants, tell it to go home, & pause or resume cleaning.

We recently had an error with the bumper and couldn’t figure out the problem. I contacted Eufy support via email & got tips & a video showing how to remove the bumper & clean it out. They also said if none of that helped, to let them know.
I think our cats were trying to feed RoboVac some of their treats, mistaking its bumper for its mouth. They were trying to see if they could make him sick.
After removing the bumper and the couple of cat treats, all was working as normal again.

We always tell our RoboVac “Good Boy” when it returns to its charging base. BTW That does work best on a hardwood floor. The charging base is between a small deep freezer and a pantry that also sits on the kitchen floor.

For those who are blind, a quick description of the buttons on the remote for the 30C. Top Left return to home.
Top Right change suction.
Standard remote arrow keys for manually moving RoboVac & pause / resume button in middle. Four buttons at bottom of remote.
Top Left Automatic Cleaning.
Top Right edge cleaning.
Bottom Left spot cleaning.
Bottom Right quick cleaning.

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T-Mobile Cell Spot

My Wife & I recently moved 22 miles across Kansas City. At the previous apartment, we had a great signal from T-Mobile on a regular basis.
We noticed inside the new apartment, we were each only getting one bar, using Signal Spy it showed the signal strength at -120 DB. For those who might not know, that is very weak.
I looked around and found the T-Mobile Cell Spot. It is a device you connect to your Internet router and place its GPS antenna near a window. It creates a personal cell tower in your home with 3,000 square feet coverage.
After the easy install I checked using the Signal Spy app again, not only did we have a full signal, the strength was now -60 DB.
T-Mobile offers this device for Free to its customers who are in a situation like ours. Outside our new apartment, & the old one too, signal strength is excellent, its just something with the building at our new apartment.
It does require a $25 deposit, which is refundable when you return the Cell Spot to T-Mobile. We called T-Mobile customer service on a Sunday afternoon and the Cell Spot was delivered Tuesday afternoon.
BTW: Every test I’ve done with Signal Spy since installing the device shows -60 DB every time.

Most carriers have a solution like this, however some charge for their device. Just wanted to pass that info along for anyone having signal problems inside. Here’s a link for more info:

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