Labeling With NFC Tags

I tweeted about this earlier today and thought I’d share the info here as well.

Here is a shortened link to the NFC Tags I use for labeling. They have a section punched out that you can use to loop a rubber band through and then attach the tag to items.

I use the free NFC Labeler app to read from and write to the tags.

Once you write to a tag, just hold your phone to the tag and the text will be spoken by TalkBack.

I looked at the specs of the Moto G5 plus but read it doesn’t have NFC in the US version.
Motorola claims they are not including NFC in the US because payments haven’t taken off as well as they thought using NFC. They haven’t considered other uses such as labeling or triggers for automation apps like Macro Droid.

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Store Other Contact Numbers For Fire & Police In Your Phone

There are starting to be more news stories of people having problems calling 911, mainly from wireless phones, but it could happen to anyone.
Technical problems happen and don’t let that stop you from getting needed help in an emergency.
If you have someone watching your kids or a loved one while you go to the grocery or a night on the town, verify that the person also has these numbers in their phone.
It only takes a few minutes to find the non-emergency phone numbers for your local police, fire, and county sheriff. Adding these two or three contacts could save a life, maybe even yours.
Sure, try calling 911 first. They can usually get your address easier and pass that along to other agencies if needed, but if you can’t get through, call the non-emergency numbers.
If you tell them you could not get through by calling 911, they will help you and connect you to whoever can help you in your emergency.
Also, print these numbers in a large easy to read font and keep them near a house phone. I remember as a child that various groups would send these contact numbers on a sticker to keep next to your phone. Don’t forget your kids in these numbers if they have their own phone.

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ALL ABOUT ANDROID 308 Nova Launcher

It was very interesting learning about the developer of Nova Launcher. Its just him and a couple of other people that make it the great app it is, a great show to listen to. Steve

Here is some info on last night’s episode of All About Android. ALL ABOUT ANDROID 308
Hosted by Jason Howell, Florence Ion, Ron Richards
Guest: Kevin Barry, developer of Nova Launcher.
This week, we’ll be discussing the next Pixel phone, how our smartphones might not be as secure as we think, the enterprise pivot for Hangouts, and what it’s like to develop and support one of the top launchers for Android.

Here is a shortened link just in case you have trouble with the above:

For more on this episode go to its page at:

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Accessible Android Apps March 2017

This is a list of the accessible android apps that I currently have installed on my Samsung Note 5 which is running Android Marshmallow.
Depending on what I’m doing in an app I use a combination of either touch or an external keyboard. I like to use a Logitech K380 multi device bluetooth keyboard.
I can do what I want in these apps using that combination and that makes these apps accessible for me.

Acapela TTS Voices


Amazon Kindle


AquaMail Pro Unlocker




chomp SMS

Clipper Sync Plugin


Freemotion change


Google Opinion Rewards



KNFB Reader



Music Folder Player Full

My App List

Nearby Explorer Online



NFC Labeler

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher Prime

Pocket Casts

Pro Weather Alert



Talking Caller ID Pro


Touchless Notifications Pro

Trusted Contacts

TuneIn Radio Pro




Weather Timeline

Shared by ‘My App List’

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NVDA 2017.1 Released

NVDA 2017.1 Released
NV Access is pleased to announce that version 2017.1 of NVDA, the free screen reader for Microsoft Windows, has now been released. Highlights of this release include reporting of sections and text columns in Microsoft Word; Support for reading, navigating and annotating books in Kindle for PC; and improved support for Microsoft Edge.
This award-winning software has been changing the lives of thousands of blind and vision impaired people who can now independently use computers to produce written content, read news, socialise, shop and bank online, and, most importantly, actively participate in education and employment.

Download NVDA 2017.1, the latest version of the free screen reader made by users for users.

What’s New in NVDA
Highlights of this release include reporting of sections and text columns in Microsoft Word; Support for reading, navigating and annotating books in Kindle for PC; and improved support for Microsoft Edge.

New Features
• In Microsoft Word, the types of section breaks and section numbers can now be reported. This is enabled with the “Report page numbers” option in the Document Formatting dialog. (#5946)
• In Microsoft Word, text columns can now be reported. This is enabled with the “Report page numbers” option in the document formatting dialog. (#5946) • Automatic language switching is now supported in WordPad. (#6555)
• The NVDA find command (NVDA+control+f) is now supported in browse mode in Microsoft Edge. (#6580)
• Quick navigation for buttons in browse mode (b and shift+b) is now supported in Microsoft Edge. (#6577)
• When copying a sheet in Microsoft Excel, column and row headers are remembered. (#6628)
• Support for reading and navigating books in Kindle for PC version 1.19, including access to links, footnotes, graphics, highlighted text and user notes. Please see the Kindle for PC section of the NVDA User Guide for further information. (#6247, #6638) • Browse mode table navigation is now supported in Microsoft Edge. (#6594)
• In Microsoft Excel, the report review cursor location command (desktop: NVDA+numpadDelete, laptop: NVDA+delete) now reports the name of the worksheet and the cell location. (#6613)
• Added an option to the exit dialog to restart with debug level logging. (#6689) Changes
• The minimum braille cursor blink rate is now 200 ms. If this was previously set lower, it will be increased to 200 ms. (#6470)
• A check box has been added to the braille settings dialog to allow enabling/disabling braille cursor blinking. Previously a value of zero was used to achieve this. (#6470) • Updated eSpeak NG (commit e095f008, 10 January 2017). (#6717)
• Due to changes In the Windows 10 Creators Update, the “Always duck” mode is no longer available in NVDA’s Audio ducking settings. It is still available on older windows 10 releases. (#6684)
• Due to changes in the Windows 10 Creators Update, the “Duck when outputting speech and sounds” mode can no longer ensure audio has ducked fully before starting to speak, nor will it keep audio ducked long enough after speaking to stop rappid bouncing in volume. These changes do not affect older windows 10 releases. (#6684) Bug Fixes
• Fixed freeze in Microsoft Word when moving by paragraph through a large document while in browse mode. (#6368)
• Tables in Microsoft Word that have been copied from Microsoft Excel are no longer treeted as layout tables and therefore are no longer ignored. (#5927)
• When trying to type in Microsoft Excel while in protected view, NVDA now makes a sound rather than speaking characters that were not actually typed. (#6570)
• Pressing escape in Microsoft Excel no longer incorrectly switches to browse mode, unless the user has previously switched to browse mode explicitly with NVDA+space and then entered focus mode by pressing enter on a form field. (#6569)
• NVDA no longer freezes in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets where an entire row or column is merged. (#6216)
• Reporting of cropped/overflowed text in Microsoft Excel cells should now be more accurate. (#6472) • NVDA now reports when a check box is read-only. (#6563)
• The NVDA launcher will no longer show a warning dialog when it can’t play the logo sound due to no audio device being available. (#6289)
• Controls in the Microsoft Excel Ribbon that are unavailable are now reported as such. (#6430) • NVDA will no longer announce “pane” when minimizing windows. (#6671)
• Typed characters are now spoken in Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps (including Microsoft Edge) in the Windows 10 Creators Update. (#6017)
• Mouse tracking now works across all screens on computers with multiple monitors. (#6598)
• NVDA no longer becomes unusable after exiting Windows Media Player while focused on a slider control. (#5467)

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New automated trip reminders available to KC paratransit riders

The following is from:

New automated trip reminders available to KC paratransit riders Date:February 15, 2017
(Kansas City, Mo. – Feb. 15, 2017) The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority is unveiling a new automated system that sends reminders to paratransit customers with disabilities about trips they book on RideKC Freedom, formerly known as Share-A-Fare.
Starting Wednesday, Feb. 15, paratransit customers can request reminders – either by phone call or text message – that they’ve scheduled a trip on RideKC Freedom. Similar to reminders they might get from a doctor or dentist, the new technology notifies customers of their reservation a day in advance.
The new system alerts riders to the origin and destination of their trip as well as their pickup times. Customers can opt into the new system when they reserve a trip on RideKC Freedom at 816-842-9070.
Another feature gives riders the ability to cancel their trip by phone 24 hours in advance of their reservation if they change their plans.
These innovations will make service more convenient for our nearly 4,000 RideKC Freedom customers. Plus, the reminders will improve efficiency by reducing call wait times and decrease the number of no-shows.
“We are very excited about offering this new convenience to our RideKC Freedom customers,” said Robbie Makinen, president and chief executive officer of the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority. “This is a big win for our customers. This new technology not only makes our paratransit services more efficient, but also will means shorter waits for customers when they phone the Regional Call Center to book their trips.”
A group of paratransit riders has been testing the trip reminder system for the past few weeks. Passenger Ruby Polk calls the system “excellent.”
“As a person who is blind, I depend on RideKC Freedom to provide transportation to medical appointments, work, the grocery store and more,” said Polk. “This system will verify that all RideKC Freedom trips are correct.”
RideKC Freedom is the new official name for paratransit services for seniors and persons with disabilities in Kansas City. What was known as Share-A-Fare in Kansas City is now RideKC Freedom with vehicles now branded with RideKC Freedom in white lettering on a blue backdrop featuring the open road, reflecting the freedom of travel. paratransit trip reminder

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A Wonderful Interview With Victor Tsaran

I haven’t had time to listen to the full interview yet but what I’ve listened to so far prompted me to share it with everyone.
The work this guy has done has had an effect on all our lives, even before he started to do work with Android. Listen to his journey. There are many parts that I can relate to, from needing to create space sometimes when it comes to helping people, to being that one person in a corporation trying to make changes. Steve

Here is a short description…
Born in Ukraine when it was still part of the Soviet Union, Victor Tsaran had no idea as a child that he would one day move to the United States, see his life transformed by computers, and work for some of the leading tech companies in Silicon Valley, making the world a more accessible place.
Nowadays, Victor is Technical Program Manager, Accessibility Initiatives at Google.
Victor tells Jonathan Mosen about his extraordinary life, and they have a candid conversation about the state of Android accessibility. The podcast closes with a song by Victor, who is a talented musician.

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