Tweets About Prime Day & Other Sales Gimmicks

Here is a collection of tweets I wrote about watching out for yourself when it comes to big discounts on Amazon’s Prime Day or incredible savings you’ll see from your favorite tech news sources.

1. If an item has a list price of $200, you’ve been watching the price and for the past month it would cost you $100, when that store has a special sale & it is $95, you are not saving $105, you are saving $5. Nobody charges that list price its meant to deceive you. Compare prices.

2. It is okay if you have been fooled by a store before, they try hard. I knew someone who was certain Amazon really sold it on a regular day for $200 & they were getting $105 off the list price on this special sales day.

3. I bring this up because Amazon day in 2021 is approaching. The biggest sales will be on Amazon products & older model items which have been selling less, ever since the new model was available. Don’t let them fool you.

4. The other thing that happens with Prime Day sales, you wait til then to buy the outdoor cameras, lights, & everything for a homemade security system your Son, or friend promised to setup. Except 6 months later that never happened, but look at how much you saved.

5. One last thing to watch. Amazon Affiliates can’t include the actual price of an item, but using the example I gave earlier, they can say today you save $105 off of the list price. All of your trusted tech news sources do this. Its done in tweets & special newsletter deals.

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