T-Mobile Cell Spot

My Wife & I recently moved 22 miles across Kansas City. At the previous apartment, we had a great signal from T-Mobile on a regular basis.
We noticed inside the new apartment, we were each only getting one bar, using Signal Spy it showed the signal strength at -120 DB. For those who might not know, that is very weak.
I looked around and found the T-Mobile Cell Spot. It is a device you connect to your Internet router and place its GPS antenna near a window. It creates a personal cell tower in your home with 3,000 square feet coverage.
After the easy install I checked using the Signal Spy app again, not only did we have a full signal, the strength was now -60 DB.
T-Mobile offers this device for Free to its customers who are in a situation like ours. Outside our new apartment, & the old one too, signal strength is excellent, its just something with the building at our new apartment.
It does require a $25 deposit, which is refundable when you return the Cell Spot to T-Mobile. We called T-Mobile customer service on a Sunday afternoon and the Cell Spot was delivered Tuesday afternoon.
BTW: Every test I’ve done with Signal Spy since installing the device shows -60 DB every time.

Most carriers have a solution like this, however some charge for their device. Just wanted to pass that info along for anyone having signal problems inside. Here’s a link for more info:

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