RoboVac 30c Review

I posted this review on Amazon & thought I’d share it on my blog.

Excellent Vacuum & Support

We Love Our RoboVac 30c!
We’ve had ours for about a month & a half at this point. Its quiet & works great. I empty its bin after each use & usually use the automatic or quick mode daily. We only use the other vacuum about every two weeks in those few odd places of our apartment.

My Wife & I are blind / low vision. We have received great feedback from sighted friends on how clean our carpet & floors are thanks to RoboVac.

The Android app works well, giving feedback on if the RoboVac is cleaning, charging, or if there is an error like side brushes stuck or main roller and suction problem.
Ours is connected to both our Amazon Echo Dots & our Google Home devices. Both do the same, so no need to do both unless you want. Easy to find RoboVac with the assistants, tell it to go home, & pause or resume cleaning.

We recently had an error with the bumper and couldn’t figure out the problem. I contacted Eufy support via email & got tips & a video showing how to remove the bumper & clean it out. They also said if none of that helped, to let them know.
I think our cats were trying to feed RoboVac some of their treats, mistaking its bumper for its mouth. They were trying to see if they could make him sick.
After removing the bumper and the couple of cat treats, all was working as normal again.

We always tell our RoboVac “Good Boy” when it returns to its charging base. BTW That does work best on a hardwood floor. The charging base is between a small deep freezer and a pantry that also sits on the kitchen floor.

For those who are blind, a quick description of the buttons on the remote for the 30C. Top Left return to home.
Top Right change suction.
Standard remote arrow keys for manually moving RoboVac & pause / resume button in middle. Four buttons at bottom of remote.
Top Left Automatic Cleaning.
Top Right edge cleaning.
Bottom Left spot cleaning.
Bottom Right quick cleaning.

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