Progress, but Hulu still Has Work To Do.

After a few people on Twitter told my Wife of the accessibility of Hulu, I decided to give it a second try.
I had a free trial a year or two ago, which was long enough to decide I didn’t like the experience.

Hulu has made improvements but still has work to do. It was easier on this second time to navigate their main page & shows using screen reading software. (NVDA for me)
It was also easier than last time to select an episode and while a bit tricky, I figured out how to change seasons.
I am hoping that at least selecting a season will be done in the future by a standard combo box or something easier to access. I also didn’t have any problem playing an episode or selecting pause while watching a show.

These are things that were just about impossible for me to do the last time I gave Hulu a try. So thank you, Hulu, for the changes that have been made so far.

There is still no way to listen to a described audio feed, even for a show like The Simpsons which is available when watching the show on Fox.
I was also able to cancel the trial on my own, which I could not do last time. I used a link that was provided in my welcome e-mail from Hulu, there didn’t seem to be an easy way to get to those account settings from the web page.

So I’ll give Hulu a try again sometime in the future.

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