Question About Android Tablets

A friend asked me the other day about Android Tablets and wanted to know which one would be the best to ask for as a Christmas present later this year.
I haven’t used a tablet since I got my Chromebook. The Chromebook is my favorite thing to use other than my phone and laptop, but that doesn’t have to mean that is best for everyone.
Thankfully I’m a weekly listener to the All About Android show from In the most recent show they talked about news of new Android Tablets from Lenovo. One thing that really got my interest is they will be running Android Oreo and hopefully for my friend, will be available this fall / Christmas.
The two best tablets from the recent news I suggested are the Lenovo P10 & the Lenovo M10.
If you are interested in a tablet possibly this fall, here is the article from The Verge that I sent to my friend. I have also found a reference that the Lenovo P10 & M10 will be available from Amazon.

If you are an Android user & fan like me, you might enjoy listening to All About Android. It is recorded live every Tuesday starting around 7 PM central time. You can listen to the live feed at
If you can’t catch the show live, you can subscribe to the podcast in just about any client or go to the show’s site at

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