Thanks To All Now Have Android 10 on OnePlus 7 Pro

There are a few people I want to say thanks to because without them, my Wife and I wouldn’t have been able to do a couple of things to our phones as easily as we did.

We both have OnePlus 7 Pro phones from TMobile. Previously we both had the OnePlus 6T from Tmobile. We have both been using Android phones since 2012 and enjoying being able to customize our phones in a way that works for each of us, as we have individual needs in the area of accessibility.
Don’t listen to those who want to tell you that Android phones are not accessible as those folks either didn’t take the time to make the phone accessible for them, maybe they are wanting it to be just like a phone from another operating system, or maybe they forget that accessibility means different things to people and it isn’t about which software your phone uses, its about what works for each person. It isn’t about device x works for this group of people over here, so its what you should use too.

I found some articles mentioning how the OnePlus 7 Pro was no longer on TMobile sites for sale & that they are going to focus on the OnePlus 7T instead. I started to plan for the future and knew I wanted to change the version of the operating system on my phone to an international version so the updates would come from OnePlus and not be dependent on TMobile.

I went looking and found great info and help from the person who made the below video.

How to convert a T-Mobile OnePlus 7Pro to an International Version: Tutorial

The creator of the video gave great tips which helped me make the changes to both of our phones.

I wanted to mention another thanks. Just before I followed the steps in the above video, we called TMobile support, which I was reminded we have our own support team & will get the same people when we call again. The rep spoke with their local expert & confirmed that even though TMobile was no longer selling the phone that it would still be supported. I mentioned switching to the International version & was told I’m welcome to do that.

After following the directions exactly as they were given in the video and related web pages, we now had an International version of the OnePlus software on our phones and not the version from TMobile.

Later that same evening I got a tweet from Android Authority. Their article talked about how the OnePlus 7 Pro still had not received an update to Android 10. The article explained that with the International version of the OnePlus software there are methods for updating the software on our own. We took the easy way and downloaded an Android app from the play store, Oxygen Updater. Their article explained how the app works. So we downloaded Oxygen Updater and after it identified our phone model, it said an update that would install the Android 10 Oxygen update was available. The app explained how the update process worked and what we needed to do.

Here’s how to update OnePlus software as quickly as possible

I was happy to learn that after downloading the install file that the app verifies the download to make sure it was free of any errors.
We followed the easy directions and a few minutes later, the phones restarted and are now running the Android 10 update supplied by OnePlus.

So again, thank you to all of the people who were involved in this process. I’m also thankful to all who are involved in the Android community.
We also paid the $0.99 to remove ads in the Oxygen Updater app for each phone, which is another way to say thank you to an app developer. Here is a link to Oxygen Updater on the play store

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