My Collection Of Online Audio Favorites

This is a list of files to play audio favorites that I keep on my computer. These files & shortcuts are just a handy way to get something going and is not intended to keep you from enjoying these same items when visiting the sources they come from. I’ve provided links to the sources, when that is available.

First, some notes on listening to the items contained in

The items that have the file extension of “.m3u” will open in the default player on your computer, such as Windows Media Player.

The items from PlutoTV will open in your default browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

A note about playing these. If you have never listened to something from PlutoTV before or have cleared any cookies or web files recently, there are a couple of things you may need to do in order to get the channels playing in your browser.

1. Navigate around the top of the page and if you find a link to Accept terms & continue, click on that.

2. Especially on your first visit, its often necessary to toggle the mute button a couple of times to get the audio playing. This can be done by navigating to the mute button, and pressing the space bar a few times. Once the audio is playing, you will not need to do this on future visits. Note: With many screen reading programs you can get to the mute button by pressing b when starting from the top of the page.

The two items that start with “web” are web page shortcuts that will take you to the web site & should start playing its audio automatically. Sometimes you need to refresh your browser by pressing F5 to get things going.

You may find other items to watch or listen to on these sites. As I said, the files in are just my collection, so please explore those sites to find more.

Bananavision Putting the Vision back in Television

Pluto TV It’s Free TV

The Listen Factor Listening With Friends

TWiT | Podcasts you love from people you trust

Below is a DropBox Link that will download to your computer. Copy the Audio Favorites folder out of the .zip file and paste it into a location of your choice.

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