Description Of Voice Remote For TCL / Roku TV or Roku Device

This is the layout of the Voice remote for a TCL Roku television, or Roku Device.

This is assuming you are holding the remote with the small, round, power button at the top.

There will be a small cloth feeling tag at the bottom of the remote.

On the right edge of the remote, on top is the volume up/down and below is the mute button.


(back) (home)

(up) (down) (left) (right) (ok in middle)

(previous channel) (microphone) (options)

(rewind) (play/pause) (forward)

(Netflix) (disney)

(hulu) (sling)

Cloth feeling tag at the bottom of the voice remote.

In some online directions, especially when turning on or off the audio guide, you may see to press the star key four times in a row. This is also the options key.

The only differences in the remote that comes with the TCL Roku TV & the voice remote is there is no microphone button & no cloth tag at bottom on the included remote.

The voice remote has more rubber like feeling buttons while the included remote has more of a plastic feel to the buttons.

To use the microphone on the voice remote hold down the microphone & you will hear a small beep. Speak your command and let go of the button. You can say things like change to channel 41.2, or change to HDMI1.
Hold the remote close to your face but it doesn’t need to be so close that its in your face, this will depend on the noise level around you.

The voice remote is about a $20 accessory that I find to be helpful. You can also do most of the same voice commands through Alexa. Here’s a link to the voice remote on Amazon:

The voice remote is super easy to connect to the TCL Roku TV. Insert the batteries & your TV or Roku device should automatically detect the remote, unless that option has been turned off.



The Roku Voice Remote has been out of stock lately on Amazon.
Here it is on Walmart & you can find it other places too.

Here is an article that will help you connect Alexa to your Roku TV or Device.

How to connect your Roku to Amazon Alexa

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