A message for my Wife

My Wife has created a Go Fun Me Page to try to get some assistance in recovering financially from the last leg of a loved kitty’s life. When a cat is just been a part of your life for many years, trying to save their life is the only important thing.

This is the cat that many years ago saw me lay down on the couch because I had a headache & she got on the couch with me, put a paw on my forehead and stayed with me until I got up an hour or so later.

Here is a tweet that my Wife sent with a link to the page with more info.

@RayneyDaze: Please help us get back on track. Sissy was a wonderful member of our family.

Her care in her last months put us in a good bit of debt.

Any little bit helps and gives us the opportunity to have the funds for our other two cats.

Thank you.


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