TalkBack Keyboard Shortcuts

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Default keymap
Note: The shortcuts below use the Alt key. You can choose a different modifier key by going to Settings and then Accessibility and then TalkBack and then Settings and then Manage keyboard shortcuts and then Choose modifier key.


•Move to next item: Alt + Right arrow

•Move to previous item: Alt + Left arrow

•Move to item above: Alt + Up arrow

•Move to item below: Alt + Down arrow

•Move to first item: Alt + Control + Left arrow

•Move to last item: Alt + Control + Right arrow

•Click focused element: Alt + Enter

•Long-press focused element (touch and hold): Alt + Shift + Enter

•Read from top: Alt + Control + Enter

•Read from next item: Alt + Control + Shift + Enter

•Navigate to next or previous window: Alt + Control + Down or Up arrow

•Note: In split screen view, this shortcut moves your focus between the two open apps. Otherwise, it moves focus between the navigation bar, main screen, and status bar.

Global actions

•Back: Alt + Control + Backspace

•Home: Alt + Control + h

•Recent apps/Overview: Alt + Control + r

•Notifications: Alt + Control + n

•Search the screen: Alt + Control + / (forward slash)

•Open global context menu: Alt + Space

•Open local context menu: Alt + Shift + Space

•Pause or resume TalkBack: Alt + Control + z

•Open list of actions: Alt + Control + Space

Text navigation

•Move to next word: Alt + Shift + Control + Right arrow

•Move to previous word: Alt + Shift + Control + Left arrow

•Move to next character: Alt + Shift+ Right arrow

•Move to previous character: Alt + Shift+ Left arrow

Chrome web page navigation
Use these shortcuts to move to the next or previous element on a web page.


•Next: Alt + b

•Previous: Alt + Shift + b


•Next: Alt + c

•Previous: Alt + Shift + c

•ARIA landmark

•Next: Alt + d

•Previous: Alt + Shift + d

•Editable field

•Next: Alt + e

•Previous: Alt + Shift + e

•Focusable item

•Next: Alt + f

•Previous: Alt + Shift + f


•Next: Alt + g

•Previous: Alt + Shift + g


•Next: Alt + h

•Previous: Alt + Shift + h

•Heading level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6

•Next: Alt + [1-6]

•Previous: Alt + Shift + [1-6]


•Next: Alt + o

•Previous: Alt + Shift + o

•List item

•Next: Alt + i

•Previous: Alt + Shift + i


•Next: Alt + L

•Previous: Alt + Shift + L


•Next: Alt + t

•Previous: Alt + Shift + t


•Next: Alt + x

•Previous: Alt + Shift + x

•Combo box

•Next: Alt + z

•Previous: Alt + Shift + z

You can find more helpful information at
the Android Accessibility Help Center.

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