Copy & Paste With Talkback

I helped someone with copy & paste using Talkback and just sharing the tip I sent. Hi,
Here’s what I do for copy and paste.
Have Talkback speak whatever you want to copy.
Open the global context menu with the down then right gesture. Double tap on copy last utterance to clipboard.
Go to wherever you want to paste the text that was just copied. For example a text message.
Double tap on the edit box as if you were going to type in there with the on screen keyboard. Open the local context menu with the up then right gesture.
The first item there is paste. Double tap on that and the text that was just copied will be pasted into the edit box.

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The CAT User’s Manual

I saw this being passed around on twitter, its so great, I had to share it here.
I did spend some time trying to find the name of whoever wrote this great manual but did not find any name in other sites that had the same document. Just know it wasn’t me, as I’m only passing it along.

The CAT User’s Manual
CAT v. 7.0: Completely Autonomous Tester
User Installation and Documentation
CAT System Specifications
• User Friendly
• Mouse Driven
• Self Cleaning
• Energy Saving Standby Mode When Not In Use
• Self Portable Operation
• Dual Video
• Bi-directional Audio Input/Output
• Primary and secondary output ports: high-speed serial port for streaming data and standard parallel port for data blocks. • Auto search Routines for Input Data
• Autocracy for Output Bin
• Instant Transition (<2 nanoseconds) Between Standby and Full Power Mode • Manufactured by MOMCAT in batch mode

Production Details
After basic KIT construction, the unit undergoes six weeks of onside ROM programming and burn-in testing. Listed features are installed during this period. Since MOMCAT uses local suppliers, there may be variations between units. MOMCAT’s quality assurance may reject inferior units. Users may sometimes salvage rejected units. Beware of Far East clones. These may violate import restrictions.

Transporting Your CAT
A suitable transportation case should be used for transportation to the operating site. Failure to properly ship a CAT unit may result in loss or damage to the unit and serious injury to the user.

Installation Procedures
Upon receiving the CAT unit, the user should examine the unit to verify that all I/O channels are operational. Look for minor bugs in or on the system. Bugs are indicative of the MOMCAT production environment. The user may manually remove any bugs.
Bring the CAT to operation in an environment temperature at 20º C (±3º tolerance). Use a quiet room with the primary user(s) present. Open the transportation case and let the CAT unit auto exit. Initialize the self learning program catfind() by displaying the input bins. These should contain H2O (liquid state, room temperature, 99% purity) and dry energy pellets. Immediately afterwards, display the output bin.
If the user already has a CAT unit successfully installed, it may be possible to download BASIC routines to the new CAT. For the first day or two, the CAT will stay in self learning mode. When the learn buffer overflows, the CAT will auto switch to sleep() mode. This is normal. The MMU system will store the new information to permanent memory. After 72 hours, the CAT will be interacting with the operating environment.
The unit may be placed in direct sunlight. CAT units are operational in all axis: standing, sitting, or laying down. If all basic environment requirements are satisfied, the CAT system will produce a slight hum. This is normal.
A new CAT should not exit the primary site facility. Full portability comes after extensive burn in. Some users never let the CAT unit auto exit the site. The advantages are longer unit life and fewer bugs. Contact with pirate CAT units may lead to unplanned BATCH iteration. Contact with untested CATs may lead to virus infection. If allowed to exit, some CAT units may try to port across a street. Fatal errors may happen. If you decide to let your CAT out, it should have a READ_ME.TXT file with a system address and URL which identifies the host site.
Your CAT should have a system name. The name may need to be reinitialized repeatedly until the system can read it correctly. This lets you issue voice commands to bring the unit to an online state. Many owners give their CATs a secret password as well. You can also get the CAT’s attention by booting the system. While this is effective, it is discouraged. Too much booting will abuse the system. Such units will sit across the room with its back to you.

Applications for Your CAT Unit
At present, there are few productivity applications for CAT. MOUSE is a killer app. This is pre-installed.
Many owners use their system for game playing. CATs play best when they are young. Older units suffer a system timing decay which leads to reduced response and flexibility. Some CAT games are:
• CACHE: The CAT will CACHE a data string. Similar to the K9 unit game, but the object must be smaller.
• JUMP: Move the data string through the air. The CAT unit will reach new heights of operation.
• MIRROR: Place the unit in front of a mirror and watch it attempt to parse itself. Some units may ESCape. Reboot the system by calling its name.
• CHASE: Played between two CAT units or a CAT and a K9 unit. Units take turns as one is the data and the other attempts to parse it. • SING: Offer fishy data code to elicit a range of audio output. • BUGHUNT: Some CAT units are very efficient bug hunters.

• CATs will self-recharge. This takes 20 hours in a 24 hour cycle.
• CATs are self cleaning and require little user maintenance. Do not clean the unit with alcohol or benzine-based solvents. This may lead to a violent explosion.
• A CAT unit should be taken once a year to a VET (Very Expensive Technician) for a system checkup.
• Do not attempt to open a CAT. There are no user serviceable parts inside. If a unit emits strange smells or sounds, it should be serviced immediately by a VET.
• You may examine the rear of the CAT unit to determine if it has a male or female scuzzy port. CATs with a male port may emit a non-toxic aerosol. The VET can remove this component. CATs with female ports are plagued by periodic heating problems. The VET can fix this permanently by removing an internal part. Such systems run unix.
• In senior CAT units, male scuzzy ports can become blocked, leading to extensive VET visits and serious performance limitations.

Warning Notices
• CAT systems are user-friendly. However, in certain documented situations, a CAT may pose a danger to the user. Repeated jamming or obstruction of I/O ports may lead to deployment of auto-defense systems. Never attempt a first strike on a CAT system. Its CPU clock rate made to milspecs and thus classified, but JANE’S FIGHTING FELINES notes that a unit was seen by ham radio operators to be apparently moving at 500 mHz. Twin D-shaped five-pin spike connectors have an average seek rate of 3 nanoseconds. The manufacturer is not responsible for injuries to the user. These spike connectors require monthly maintenance to avoid damage to site furniture. • Do not poke anything into the CAT’s I/O ports. CAT may BYTE.
• In dry, cold weather, a surface electrostatic charge may build up. To avoid electric shock, stand on an insulated surface. • Do not operate the CAT above water. This may lead to end-user damage. • Carry a CAT firmly. Do not swing it by its “tail”.
• The self-programming feature of the CAT unit may introduce functions that are not user-friendly. For example, the CAT will quickly associate display of the transportation case with a trip to the VET or the offsite storage facility. In such instances, the CAT will self-initiate the ESCAPE mode. This requires the user to employ SEEK and CAPTURE programs to reestablish control of the CAT in order to place it in the transportion case.

Unit Service Life
• As CATs become older, the learn program will recognize every situation. The CAT may become too smart for its own good.
• CATs like to have their own toys. They often have hobbies, such as bird watching or studying tropical fish.
• If you properly care for your CAT, it will give you years of loyal service. Many users get a second unit. Most users don’t need the extra capacity, but they enjoy the ability to run complex simulation games.

Downtime Storage
If the user will be absent from the host site for an extended period, provision for CAT maintainence must be provided. Options are:
• Offsite storage. This may cause errors in user-associated CAT programs. Some reprogramming may be required.
• Onsite maintainence by contractors. Contractors must have full access to the host site. They should provide full I/O service to the CAT and forbidden to boot the system.

Lifetime Warranty
• The CAT unit is guaranteed against catastrophic failure. Nine coupons are included.
• If the unit operates in networks that experience heavy traffic, some units may use all nine coupons in one confrontation. This can lead to system failure.

Documented Problems
• The Ctrl key on many CAT units is defective. This may lead to serious command-and-control problems.
• Do not install a BIRD unit at a site which has an operational CAT unit. These systems are not compatible. The BIRD unit may be erased permanently.
• The CAT unit’s self-cleaning feature has a capacity limitation. The unit’s recycle bin eventually fills and then empties without warning.
• CAT units have an internal clock. These normally initialize automatic programs (CLEAN, etc.) These cannot be reset by the user. The internal alarm clock often goes off 30 minutes before the user’s alarm clock.

System Features
• Models = Main frame, desktop and laptop models (smallest footprint in the industry). Available in 15 inch, 17 inch, and 19 inch sizes. • Interface = Touch sensitive interface for maximum user friendliness. • Memory = Not much. Upgrades available real soon now.
• Expected Lifetime = 15 years with ± 72 months (although 20 years are common). • Weight = 3-6 kilograms without optional cables.
• Speed = 3 nanoseconds search/find with self-uprighting supertwist technology.
• Color Graphics = Either paper white, monochrome (black/white), 64 grey shades, or maximum of 16 million colors with 40 terrabits of high resolution floating point pixels. • Sound Chip = 16 octaves, digital MIDI output (MI/OU).
• Power Consumpution = 250 grams protein daily (2 micrograms per second.) • Operating Range = -30º to +45º C (-22º to 105º)
• Vibration = 5-500 Hz, one octave/min, dwell at all resonance points.

Contacting CAT Technical Support
It’s not a bug, it’s a flea. Our highly trained technicians are ready to help you. As soon as they wake up from their nap.

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A Few Christmas Favorites

Here are a few of my favorite Christmas things.

This song has very special meaning to me. A few years ago, this wonderful lady & musician I followed on Facebook asked for suggestions for Christmas songs for her and her Sister to record.
I told her that with her voice, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas would sound wonderful.
A couple of weeks later, I logged on to FB and had a notice saying this song is dedicated to Steve Clark, because he asked for it. Merry Christmas Susan & Caroline, wherever you are and thank you.

This song has a great story behind it. Its one that everyone needs to hear, especially in times of conflict. The lesson can apply to more than just those at war. Christmas In The Trenches

I am a very silly person, it is what keeps me still a kid at 45 years old. This movie is one of my favorites. It has things like a penguin named Martini, who doesn’t like to be shaken or stirred. People with names like Richard Stands, who thought the Pledge Of Allegiance was about him. Another person named Round John Virgin and Olive, the dog even has a pet flea named Fido. Olive, The Other Reindeer

As a kid born in 1972, the Muppets were a part of my life. I have memories of laying on the floor in front of the television watching The Muppet Show.
I remember when A Muppet Family Christmas was on television. Pay attention at the end to the guy who comes in to do dishes, its Jim Henson. That part always brings a few tears to my eyes. A Muppet Family Christmas


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If you would like to contact me, send email to:

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My First Chromebook – What I’ve learned

My First Chromebook

I recently got a Samsung Chromebook Plus and I am loving it more each day I learn to use it.

This, as with many things, isn’t for every person. It is basically the Google Chrome Browser inside a laptop. The difference between a Chromebook and running the Chrome Browser on your desktop or laptop is the Chromebook is much more secure.
You are also in a limited environment which is part of what makes it more secure than running Chrome on Windows or a Mac.
There isn’t the chance to get a virus or malware as easy as on a computer. If something gets messed up on your Chromebook, its very easy to reset it to factory settings, then once you log in again, all of your settings are there.

Current model Chromebooks will also run most Android apps.
One way to test if you might like a Chromebook is to spend time only using the Chrome Browser on your computer.

There is a bit of a learning curve involved, but its the same with anything new and different. Don’t be one of those people who uses commands from one platform on another platform, then complain it doesn’t work the same. You can’t use the same commands for Windows 10 on a MacBook. You can’t use your Samsung TV remote on your LG TV.

I’ve been watching Netflix, streaming audio, getting weather information from my favorite app I use on my phone, using Aqua Mail to send & receive email, etc…
My Chromebook has a USB C port, microsd card slot, headphone jack and it has a touch screen.

There are lots of tutorials and guides out there. Here are a few I’ve collected in my learning process, which by the way is just getting started. I wanted to share what I’ve found so far.

First a few keyboard commands I’ve found to be very helpful.
When you hear reference to the search key, it is the same as the caps lock key on a regular keyboard.
If you press the search key twice, it will lock the key so you can then use just the web page navigation keys when browsing a web site. Press the search key twice again, to toggle it off.

Listen to what ChromeVox is telling you when navigating to items. You might hear it say to press search and space bar to enter text or press search and enter to click or activate an item.

If after you login and don’t seem to be finding the Chrome Browser, try opening a new tab by pressing Control t.

One way of getting to the Chrome Book settings is to press control shift backspace.
That will take you to the section to delete data, but if you press the escape key, you will be in the settings.

Here are some more ways of getting to settings, thanks to some helpful people online.
in the OmnyBar
(The address bar)
will also get you to your extensions.
you can also tap “alt” and press up/down until you hear “settings”.


To get to the shelf area at the bottom where there are items for the launcher, chrome, docs etc is to press alt shift l. You might need to press the tab key or press the search key and an arrow key to move around. You’ll just have to find what works best for you.

If you have a current Android phone you can use it to login to your Chromebook after everything is setup. There will be more info provided by ChromeVox. This is in the settings section.

Remember, you are not going to break anything by messing up a setting. Don’t be afraid to power wash and reset it to factory defaults if something stops working.

Getting Started with ChromeVox on Chrome OS

Using ChromeVox on your Chromebook: Fundamentals

Using ChromeVox on your Chromebook: Intermediate Skills

Master Chrome OS With These Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Here’s Every Chromebook Shortcut You’ll Ever Need

40 Chromebook tips for maximum productivity

If you have any questions or suggestions, send an email to:


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A Dollar Can Go A Long Way

A Dollar Can Go A Long Way

It seems like everybody and their group are asking for donations these days. Here is some information on two places I make a monthly donation to, and if you are someone who has a couple of extra dollars at the end of the month, maybe you can do the same. I’m not asking you to go broke helping others, just if you want to help make a difference and you are able to do so, just consider.

There are very few Twitter clients for Windows that are accessible to people like myself, who are blind and use screen reading software. Sure, there are many Twitter clients for Windows, but only a few work well with screen reading software.
My choice of clients is TWBlue. The developers are open to user requests and feedback. Just to show a few examples of this, I sent a tweet to the TWBlue developers asking if there could be an option to make a monthly donation. They already had things setup for a one time donation and for some reason it wasn’t displaying in English. About an hour later I got a reply saying the option for a monthly donation was now in the form and it would now display in my language.

I and many others asked them if they could provide an easy way to use a snapshot version of TW Blue so we can experience recent updates and also help provide feedback with issues in the software that are found. This request was answered just a few days later and they now offer a download of the program with recent updates but may not be ready for prime time.
This is the kind of developer I like to support when I can. I’m not wealthy, but I happen to have a couple of dollars that I can send their way to help with the behind the scenes cost of developing software. I want to help keep this great accessible program going for years to come.
So if you are in a position where you want to help by donating a dollar a month, or for those who can, even more, consider this great and needed project. You can setup a monthly or even just a one time donation at the following link.

The other place I send a dollar or two each month is to the developers of a wonderful and free screen reading program. There are non-free options out there but they are expensive, requiring many people to get a state agency to purchase the program and to purchase updates.
NVDA or Non Visual Desktop Access is totally free. They receive donations that help with the costs involved in developing the program, just as with TWBlue.
Many people who are blind don’t have $895 to purchase commercial screen reading software and have to pay ongoing fees for updates. NVDA is totally free and is used by people in many countries. It is updated several times each year and new features are always being added, even features that those commercial screen reading programs haven’t quite figured out just yet.
So, again, even a dollar or two will help. You can setup a donation for NVDA by going to:

You can download TWBlue at:

You can download NVDA at:

Please, there is no need to feel bad if you can’t make a monthly or even a one time donation. Both of these programs are free. One needs to take care of things at home before you can be able to send money to others, I understand that. You can still help by sharing this information with others. Maybe you’ll help someone discover TWBlue or NVDA and enhance someone else’s life.

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An Open Letter To The Blind Community

The following was written by a friend and I totally agree.

An Open Letter To The Blind Community

As a member of the blind community, I wanted to weigh in on this issue that Apple had with the developer of Blindfold games.

It is my understanding that Apple simply wished for the developer to adhere to their App store guidelines. I am going to take an educated guess that these guidelines were probably known upon the onset of this app relationship with Apple. Even if they weren’t, they are still the guidelines that Apple has put forth. When you get a job or go to school, you have rules to uphold. Why is it that we can’t see ther easoning for upholding such guidelines that Apple and other company’s may have in place?

It is my opinion that we as VI members of society should not have special sets of rules applied to us simply because we want to play accessible games. Rather than Apple having to bow down and bend over to make these games continue to be available to us, the developer should have simply agreed to do the right thing. From a legal standpoint doing the right thing is abiding by the wishes of your contractors or those who agree to house your games.

For blind people to jump on this band wagon so that they can continue to play games because this developer refuses to adhere to Apple’s wishes is appalling to me. One of these days, people are going to stop bending because of the blind card. Keep that in mind when you shout and scream for Apple and other organizations to bend over for you. Someday the issue is going to be more important and they are going to be tired of giving in.

Apple has always been a big proponent of accessibility for the blind. Remember this the next time you want spoon fed like a child.


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Accessible Android Apps November 2017

Below is a list of accessible apps that I am using on my LG G6.
I use a combination of either touch or a Bluetooth keyboard to interact with the apps on my phone.
I can do what I want in these apps, so I consider them accessible, at least for me. Your mileage may vary.
I use a Logitech K380 Bluetooth keyboard.
Note the app listed below as “Authenticator” is the LastPass app to verify its you logging in on a new device. Its very accessible to use but a pain to setup, I got help with that.


Amazon Alexa


AquaMail Pro Unlocker


Be My Eyes


Clipper Sync Plugin


Files Go

Freemotion change

Google Opinion Rewards

Google TalkBack

Google Text-to-speech


KNFB Reader




Music Folder Player Full

My App List


NFC Labeler

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher Prime



Pocket Casts




Trusted Contacts

TuneIn Radio Pro





Vocalizer Voices

Weather Timeline

Here is a DropBox link to my collection of .m3u files that I use VLC to play on my phone. I keep them in a folder on my phone called AAA that way its always at the top.

Make Accessible Labels With NFC Tags

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