Example of going to a link in Tweetings

I wrote this as a post to the Eyes-Free Google Group and thought I’d share the info on my blog for those who might be interested and are not on the Eyes-Free email list.

There was a discussion about the accessibility of Android Twitter apps and the ability to click on a link that is in a tweet.
The info below is what I sent to the list, so those who don’t use Tweetings, the app I use can get a look into how accessible clicking on a link is with Tweetings.

I thought I’d try to share the experience I have with Tweetings.

The contents of the tweet below was copied using the copy last utterance in TalkBack.

I’m not going to promise someone, it is this way in each and every tweet every single time, just an example of a tweet I opened.

I Opened Tweetings, opened the menu in the upper right corner and selected Jump To Top.
That is where that option is based on the layout I’m using.
I moved my finger down the list of tweets and heard this:

BlindBeader, New blog post: Your Fear is Not my Reality
blindbeader.wordpress.com/2017/10/21/you… #Disability #Employment #ND… less than a minute ago

I double tapped on that to open the tweet.
Talkback read the title and I started moving my finger down the screen.

New blog post: Your Fear is Not my Reality
blindbeader.wordpress.com/2017/10/21/you… #Disability #Employment #NDEAM

After reading that, TalkBack said Double Tap To Activate, Double Tap & Hold To Long Press.
Double Tapping on the text of the tweet opened the blog post in Chrome.

If I move further down the screen with my finger I hear the number of likes for this tweet.
Talkback reads:

3, Likes, Out of list
Then says Double Tap to Activate.
If I double tap on that, Tweetings opens a screen showing the 3 people who have liked it and info from their profile next to their name.

I used the back gesture to go back to the previous screen.

Moving down to the next item, TalkBack reads:
View on blindbeader.wordpress.com
and I hear Talkback say Double Tap To Activate.
Double tapping on the above info also took me to the blog post in Chrome.

I tried this with four other tweets that had a link to a web page and had the same experience.
Oh, forgot to mention, all of the details of the tweets were in a list.

Just sharing my experience,

Here is a link to Tweetings For Twitter on the Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dwdesign.tweetings&hl=en

Here is a email address you can send a new message to & join the Eyes-Free Google Group. Its a list of people using Android phones, tablets & sometimes other devices. Its a great group of people with a wide range of devices and also a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. “eyes-free+subscribe@googlegroups.com”

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