An Open Letter To The Blind Community

The following was written by a friend and I totally agree.

An Open Letter To The Blind Community

As a member of the blind community, I wanted to weigh in on this issue that Apple had with the developer of Blindfold games.

It is my understanding that Apple simply wished for the developer to adhere to their App store guidelines. I am going to take an educated guess that these guidelines were probably known upon the onset of this app relationship with Apple. Even if they weren’t, they are still the guidelines that Apple has put forth. When you get a job or go to school, you have rules to uphold. Why is it that we can’t see ther easoning for upholding such guidelines that Apple and other company’s may have in place?

It is my opinion that we as VI members of society should not have special sets of rules applied to us simply because we want to play accessible games. Rather than Apple having to bow down and bend over to make these games continue to be available to us, the developer should have simply agreed to do the right thing. From a legal standpoint doing the right thing is abiding by the wishes of your contractors or those who agree to house your games.

For blind people to jump on this band wagon so that they can continue to play games because this developer refuses to adhere to Apple’s wishes is appalling to me. One of these days, people are going to stop bending because of the blind card. Keep that in mind when you shout and scream for Apple and other organizations to bend over for you. Someday the issue is going to be more important and they are going to be tired of giving in.

Apple has always been a big proponent of accessibility for the blind. Remember this the next time you want spoon fed like a child.



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