Talkback’s Global Context Menu

Global Context Menu
I wanted to take a moment and show non android users the powerful options that are available in the Global Context Menu.
This is available from anywhere you are while using an Android device, assuming you are using Talkback.

To open it, just move down on the screen then move right. Some people make the gestures more difficult than they need to be. This doesn’t have to be a perfect 90 degree angle, Talkback is very forgiving. So move down the screen then without picking up your finger, move right.

you will hear

Global Context Menu.
These are the items available.

Read From Top
Read From Next Item
Repeat Last Utterance
Spell Last Utterance
Copy Last Utterance To Clipboard
Pause Feedback
Talkback Settings
Text To Speech Settings
Dim Screen

A couple very time saving items are accessing the Talkback settings or the Text To Speech settings. One could get there by going into the settings menu, then either to Accessibility and then to Talkback to get to its settings, but the Global Context Menu makes that easier to access. Its the same with Text To Speech.


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