A Brief Trial Of Hulu

A Brief Trial Of Hulu

Yesterday I did a brief trial of Hulu. I’m calling it brief because I encountered enough to know it isn’t a service for me.

I knew going in that Hulu doesn’t have television shows or movies that are described like Netflix and Amazon Video offers, so my disappointment isn’t related to that.

I created my trial account on the hulu web site then added the app to my Fire TV.

One thing that I noticed with the Hulu app on Fire TV is they offered an easy way to sign in, that I wish other apps would offer. Other than signing in the normal way with an email address and password, the Hulu App has an option to let you sign in on a computer and it gives you a code to enter on the web site.
The instant that I pressed enter from the web site, I could tell the app on Fire TV was activated.

Navigating the Hulu app worked the same as the Netflix app and the Fire TV. The exception with the Hulu app is only so many shows or movies were able to be in a list at a time. After that there is a more button. When you press select and down arrow, using the Fire TV remote, you hear nothing. There are items there, if I press select, something is selected but I have no idea what.
In the Netflix app and in Fire TV everything is available for you to scroll or arrow through, everything is spoken by Voice View.

The other big show stopper for me is trying to play previous seasons of a tv show. I can play the current season of The Simpsons or South Park just fine, but I couldn’t find a way in the Hulu app on Fire TV to do this.
I know its possible because its available in the Netflix app and also shows that are on Fire TV.

I felt like I was more restricted in what I could do using the Hulu app compared to what I can do with the Netflix app or content available on Fire TV.

Lastly, I tried to cancel my trial subscription on the Hulu web site. The option was there on the screen to cancel a subscription but there was no way I could activate it using screen reading software. I had to get my Wife to cancel the subscription for me. She told me it wasn’t an easy process as Hulu tries hard to not let you cancel even a trial membership. After several questions and surveys and are you really really really sure, she was finally able to cancel.

Hulu has got some work to do if they want my business. I’m willing to pay for a subscription, even a higher priced one for no ads. First they need to make their Fire TV app fully accessible. Anyone from Hulu only needs to use the Netflix app with Voice View to see how its done right.

Hulu should at least pass along the audio description for shows & movies that already have it. The Simpsons has been described for many years and to hold it back is just a slap in the face to their customers who are blind or visually impaired. It is their choice to not include description on shows or movies they produce, but at least allow that content to get to your customers if its already part of the program.


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