Accessible Android Apps June 2018 & Update For NFC Labels

This is the list of apps I’m currently using on my LG G6 which is now running Oreo.
I use a combination of a bluetooth keyboard and touch. It just depends on what I am doing in each app, its just a matter of what works easiest for me. That is why I consider them to be accessible. They may not be for you as we all have our own needs, abilities, & ways of doing things.

I’ve listed the app for our tempature & humidity sensor, thought I’d include some info for the sensor.
It is a little clunky in the first setup but once its setup and paired, its quick & easy to open the app, hear the average then a current reading. It uses bluetooth low energy. In pairing with the app, move the sensor over & around the screen. The sensor is a small square device you can put on a counter, on a desk, or anywhere out of the way. Talkback speaks the average and current readings just fine.

SensorPush Wireless Thermometer / Hygrometer for iPhone / Android – Humidity & Temperature Smart Sensor with Alerts

Here is a drop box link to my collection of .m3u files I use in the VLC app below. I keep them in a folder called AAA so its at the top of wherever I choose to copy the folder, internal or external storage on my phone.
Again, its a matter of how I do things for me, rename it or put the files in a place that works for you. You can also use these with a media player on your computer.

I’ve used different email apps such as Aqua Mail which worked great & I loved, I’ve just taken a more simple approach to things lately with using the Gmail app & others that are from Google instead. Just something I felt like doing for now.

One last update…
I was going to share a link to the NFC Tags I use with both the NFCLabeler app and the MacroDroid app but noticed Amazon, the place I bought them from is out of stock.
I contacted the company that makes the tags and they replied to me within about two minutes. You can buy the tags directly from their store by going to:

If I can be of any help, feel free to contact me on twitter (@blindbites) or you can email me (


Clipper Sync Plugin




Freemotion change



KNFB Reader





Music Folder Player Full

My App List


NFC Labeler

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher Prime

Pocket Casts



Skype Lite



The Weather Channel

Trusted Contacts

TuneIn Radio Pro



Uber Eats


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