A Dollar Can Go A Long Way

A Dollar Can Go A Long Way

It seems like everybody and their group are asking for donations these days. Here is some information on two places I make a monthly donation to, and if you are someone who has a couple of extra dollars at the end of the month, maybe you can do the same. I’m not asking you to go broke helping others, just if you want to help make a difference and you are able to do so, just consider.

There are very few Twitter clients for Windows that are accessible to people like myself, who are blind and use screen reading software. Sure, there are many Twitter clients for Windows, but only a few work well with screen reading software.
My choice of clients is TWBlue. The developers are open to user requests and feedback. Just to show a few examples of this, I sent a tweet to the TWBlue developers asking if there could be an option to make a monthly donation. They already had things setup for a one time donation and for some reason it wasn’t displaying in English. About an hour later I got a reply saying the option for a monthly donation was now in the form and it would now display in my language.

I and many others asked them if they could provide an easy way to use a snapshot version of TW Blue so we can experience recent updates and also help provide feedback with issues in the software that are found. This request was answered just a few days later and they now offer a download of the program with recent updates but may not be ready for prime time.
This is the kind of developer I like to support when I can. I’m not wealthy, but I happen to have a couple of dollars that I can send their way to help with the behind the scenes cost of developing software. I want to help keep this great accessible program going for years to come.
So if you are in a position where you want to help by donating a dollar a month, or for those who can, even more, consider this great and needed project. You can setup a monthly or even just a one time donation at the following link. https://twblue.es/donate/

The other place I send a dollar or two each month is to the developers of a wonderful and free screen reading program. There are non-free options out there but they are expensive, requiring many people to get a state agency to purchase the program and to purchase updates.
NVDA or Non Visual Desktop Access is totally free. They receive donations that help with the costs involved in developing the program, just as with TWBlue.
Many people who are blind don’t have $895 to purchase commercial screen reading software and have to pay ongoing fees for updates. NVDA is totally free and is used by people in many countries. It is updated several times each year and new features are always being added, even features that those commercial screen reading programs haven’t quite figured out just yet.
So, again, even a dollar or two will help. You can setup a donation for NVDA by going to: https://www.nvaccess.org/donate/

You can download TWBlue at:

You can download NVDA at:

Please, there is no need to feel bad if you can’t make a monthly or even a one time donation. Both of these programs are free. One needs to take care of things at home before you can be able to send money to others, I understand that. You can still help by sharing this information with others. Maybe you’ll help someone discover TWBlue or NVDA and enhance someone else’s life.


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