New Phones & Accessible Apps

In addition to the accessible apps that I’m using, I thought I’d include info on the new phone I got and accessories.

My Wife and I got rid of our Note 5’s and now have the LG G6.
It was time for a new phone and there wasn’t anything in the Note 8 that interested me.
I considered the Essential phone but am a bit hesitant to buy from a company who has never sold a phone before. I’m sure it’ll work fine, I just don’t want to spend my money to be the one to find out.
There were other phones that I looked at but one of the things I require is NFC. I use it with NFC tags for labeling items all through our house. Some companies like Lenovo decided to disable NFC in the United States, because they think we don’t use wireless payments enough. They don’t know that NFC can be used for more than payments.

The best phone out there that meets my needs is the LG G6. It was after a 5 month follow up review from Android Police saying its still working fine and no issues that I decided it was time to upgrade.

The one item that I didn’t buy for my new phone was a Micro SD card. I had a 128GB card and the 256GB cards are just too expensive right now, at least for my wallet.

USB C Cable RAMPOW Type C to USB 3.0 Braided Charging Cable

I got these cables to use with the charger I got with my phone. I keep that charger plugged-in behind the couch and these longer cables make it easier for me.

LG G6 Case, (Savant – Black) (Wallet Card Storage) Premium PU Leather Wallet (Slim Portfolio

I prefer a case that covers the screen. Its just one more layer of protection. It has a magnetic clip that keeps the case closed. You can fold the cover of this case towards the back and the magnetic clip will hold the cover there, in the open position.
There aren’t any problems with connecting a cable for charging or data transfer, using the fingerprint sensor / power key or the camera. This is a nice feeling case that enhances the phone.

Wireless Charger, CHOETECH Qi Wireless Charging Pad

The LG G6 doesn’t do fast wireless charging, but that is okay for me. I keep this charging pad on my night stand. It is a non-slip charging pad and its easy to put the phone on the pad and I’ll hear within a few seconds if the phone is charging, or if I need to reposition the phone on the charging pad. Since I do this overnight, it doesn’t matter that it isn’t fast charging. This charging pad does work through the case on my phone.
When I wake up in the morning, the phone is a little warm from the overnight charging, but it isn’t hot.

HARDKING LG G6 Screen Protector, [2 Pack]

This screen protector has a nice feel, no issues with responsiveness, and keeps the screen from getting scratched or damaged. We keep an extra set of these around, just in case we’d ever need to replace the one on the phone.

Accessible Apps
This is a list of the apps that I’m using on my LG G6. I use a bluetooth keyboard, touch, or sometimes a combination of both in an app. I can do what I need to do in these apps, so I consider them to be accessible. Your mileage may vary.
I’m using the Vocalizer Nathan voice with TalkBack and I use a Logitech K380 multi-device bluetooth keyboard.


Amazon Alexa


AquaMail Pro Unlocker


Clipper Sync Plugin


Google Opinion Rewards


KNFB Reader



Music Folder Player Full

My App List



NFC Labeler

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher Prime


Pocket Casts




Trusted Contacts

TuneIn Radio Pro




Vocalizer Voices

Weather Timeline

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