Info On Missouri Blind Pension Lawsuit Agreement

Below are links & info I tweeted this morning in reference to the news I found on a proposed agreement in the Missouri Blind Pension lawsuit.

MO Blind Pension Lawsuit Agreement – FOX 14 TV Joplin

Here is the proposed agreement in the Missouri Blind Pension Lawsuit that both parties will ask to be approved on March 30, 2018

From what I understand by reading the proposed agreement, no later than August 1, 2018 DFS will mail claim letters to all who are eligible. I’m not a legal scholar but there is some text about those eligible not needing to return a claim form, maybe someone more knowledgeable will confirm that wording. Also DFS will post electronic copies of the mailed letters on their web site. I also read that all payments are to be made before May 15, 2019.


This clears up some questions I had earlier about the Missouri Blind Pension Agreement.
State, blind Missourians settle lengthy fight over payments


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