My First Chromebook – What I’ve learned

My First Chromebook

I recently got a Samsung Chromebook Plus and I am loving it more each day I learn to use it.

This, as with many things, isn’t for every person. It is basically the Google Chrome Browser inside a laptop. The difference between a Chromebook and running the Chrome Browser on your desktop or laptop is the Chromebook is much more secure.
You are also in a limited environment which is part of what makes it more secure than running Chrome on Windows or a Mac.
There isn’t the chance to get a virus or malware as easy as on a computer. If something gets messed up on your Chromebook, its very easy to reset it to factory settings, then once you log in again, all of your settings are there.

Current model Chromebooks will also run most Android apps.
One way to test if you might like a Chromebook is to spend time only using the Chrome Browser on your computer.

There is a bit of a learning curve involved, but its the same with anything new and different. Don’t be one of those people who uses commands from one platform on another platform, then complain it doesn’t work the same. You can’t use the same commands for Windows 10 on a MacBook. You can’t use your Samsung TV remote on your LG TV.

I’ve been watching Netflix, streaming audio, getting weather information from my favorite app I use on my phone, using Aqua Mail to send & receive email, etc…
My Chromebook has a USB C port, microsd card slot, headphone jack and it has a touch screen.

There are lots of tutorials and guides out there. Here are a few I’ve collected in my learning process, which by the way is just getting started. I wanted to share what I’ve found so far.

First a few keyboard commands I’ve found to be very helpful.
When you hear reference to the search key, it is the same as the caps lock key on a regular keyboard.
If you press the search key twice, it will lock the key so you can then use just the web page navigation keys when browsing a web site. Press the search key twice again, to toggle it off.

Listen to what ChromeVox is telling you when navigating to items. You might hear it say to press search and space bar to enter text or press search and enter to click or activate an item.

If after you login and don’t seem to be finding the Chrome Browser, try opening a new tab by pressing Control t.

One way of getting to the Chrome Book settings is to press control shift backspace.
That will take you to the section to delete data, but if you press the escape key, you will be in the settings.

Here are some more ways of getting to settings, thanks to some helpful people online.
in the OmnyBar
(The address bar)
will also get you to your extensions.
you can also tap “alt” and press up/down until you hear “settings”.


To get to the shelf area at the bottom where there are items for the launcher, chrome, docs etc is to press alt shift l. You might need to press the tab key or press the search key and an arrow key to move around. You’ll just have to find what works best for you.

If you have a current Android phone you can use it to login to your Chromebook after everything is setup. There will be more info provided by ChromeVox. This is in the settings section.

Remember, you are not going to break anything by messing up a setting. Don’t be afraid to power wash and reset it to factory defaults if something stops working.

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