Adding A Shortcut For Chrome

Here’s a feature of the Google Chrome browser you may not know about that can save you time.

When you are on a web page in Chrome, you can add a shortcut to your desktop in Windows. When you press enter on that shortcut, Chrome will open to that page you made a shortcut for.
If you use Gmail on the web, doing this can make things super easy and fast to go to the gmail site.

First, open Google Chrome and go to the page you want to make a shortcut for.
Once you are there and everything is loaded, press alt f to open the menu in Chrome. Use the cursor or arrow keys to move to More Tools and press enter. Move to Add To Desktop and press enter.
You will now be in a dialog asking you to name the shortcut. Chrome will have a suggested name but enter whatever you want to call it. Tab to add and press enter.

A new shortcut will now be on your desktop.
Next time you want to go directly to that site, just go to your desktop and press enter on the shortcut.

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