Labeling With NFC Tags

I sent this to the Eyes Free list and thought I’d share it here too.

I haven’t shared this info for awhile and thought its time.
I use NFC tags on a daily basis for labeling bags of coffee, syrup, and many other items in the kitchen and around home. Its very handy to just hold my phone to a tag and TalkBack speaks the text.

I use NFC Labeler to read and write to NFC tags. The tags I use have a punch hole section on one side that one can easily loop a rubber band through and then attach the tag to the item you are labeling.

I get these from Amazon. They are $15.49 for a pack of 25 tags. • Includes 25 glossy finish laminated white PVC badges
• 85.5 x 54 x 0.84 mm standard ISO card size with a 15 x 3 mm punch hole on the short 54 mm side • Waterproof PVC material of the badge protects the NFC chip inside
• 144 usable bytes of data; suitable for a url, text, small contact record or single action phone trigger

Here is the long ugly link followed by a shortened one.

You can get NFC Labeler at:

You can get Macro Droid, the device automation app I use a NFC tag as a trigger on some macros at:



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