Notes Installing Windows 10 Creator Update With Narrator

I’ve been playing around with a desktop computer and installing Windows 10 Creators Update using Narrator.
For now, these are just some notes I want to share. I might work on putting something better together, just depends on how I’m feeling as I recover from carpal tunnel surgery.

I made a bootable USB drive with using the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft. This is an easy way to get the install files onto a USB drive.
In order to boot from a USB drive automatically you’ll need to have that selected in the boot order in the BIOS settings. There are other ways to boot from a USB drive by pressing certain keys but it seems sometimes those are different depending on which brand computer you are using.
Nothing is quite as easy as having that option set so it just happens automatically.
For those of us who are totally blind that means getting someone who can see to change the boot order setting in BIOS. Its one of those things that once its set, you don’t have to worry about it.

I booted from the drive I made and waited a few minutes before starting narrator with the control + WindowsKey + enter command.
I heard that nice Sara talking. I followed the prompts making settings and didn’t have any problems.
I used the external keyboard that I usually use on a computer. I like to use a keyboard I’m familiar with when setting things up.

One area of confusion I had was when all of the files were copied and the process was ready to restart the computer. I tried reading the screen with turning on scan mode capslock + space.
I’ve done this a few times and it doesn’t seem to either be anything else on the screen or maybe that any keystroke starts the reboot process. Next time I’m going to try the capslock w command to read the window.
It would be helpful to have some sort of a prompt that narrator speaks instructing the person to remove any bootable USB drives before selecting restart.

One thing I’d like to see done in a update is to have the install process automatically start narrator after the restart if it detects you used narrator in that first part of the install process when you booted from the USB drive and started narrator.

Maybe have that part of the install process create a file on the drive that after that first restart, windows sees the existence of that file and starts narrator automatically.
Maybe even with a dialog asking, I noticed you used narrator in the first part of installing Windows. Would you like to continue using narrator?

I think this would remove some of the not knowing what is going on after that first restart.

Cortana was helpful in setting things up but note that if you don’t have a microphone on your computer, she doesn’t, at least in my experiences offer to help. On one of my several times of doing this all over from scratch, I connected my logitech h800 headset. After I had that connected via its USB dongle, cortana spoke up and it was quite nice answering some yes or no questions.
Again, just some thoughts and notes. The biggest thing that will help is patience. It also helps if you are installing windows from a USB drive on a computer that isn’t your daily use computer that you depend on. If you have access to another computer that it isn’t the end of your online existence and loss of your cat pictures if something goes wrong and you can simply try again, that would be great.
Lastly, as always backup your data before installing Windows in this way or even a regular update from within Windows.

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