Long Term Storage #WLS Friendly Foods

My Wife and I are finally putting together a container of food and things in case of a several day power outage from ice or snow as it has happened before here in Kansas City.

I’m looking for ideas of foods that are post weight loss surgery friendly and can be stored for at least a year without growing anything inside.
We will replace things as they get close to an expiration date, but it’d be nice to not have to do that very often.

So far we’ve got canned chicken, canned tuna, bottled water, beef jerky, a manual can opener just to keep in the container, nuts and stuff like that.

Is there anything else you can think of to add to the box?
If so would you please contact me either on twitter ‘@blindbites‘ or email ‘steve@blindbites.com’

Once we finish adding any other items, I’ll post the contents of our survival box. We aren’t preppers or anything like that. We just thought it would be a good idea to put some stuff together just in case the power goes out for several days and if conditions were bad from an ice storm, we wouldn’t have to worry about needing help for a week or so.

We’ve got plenty of blankets to keep us warm, several battery packs for phones etc… What would you put in your box?

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