How To Disable Links In Thunderbird

If you are like me and aware of all of the bad things that can come from a link in email, you might want to disable the ability to be able to click on a link. The link will still be there, you’ll just have to manually copy and paste it into your browser.

This will keep you from accidentally clicking on a link and after realizing it went somewhere you didn’t want to be, finding out you got malware or a virus.

I use Thunderbird, so if you use something else, sorry, I can’t help.

The first thing you’ll want to do is copy this text to your clipboard.


That is going to make finding the setting in Thunderbird much easier.

Next, with Thunderbird open, press alt t to open the Tools menu and press o for Options.

You’ll want to be on the Advanced tab and in the first section of the advanced tab which is General.

Once there either tab until you are on Config Editor and press enter, or for those using a mouse, click on Config Editor.

Note: Its near the bottom of this section just before the ok button.

Press enter or click on the button that says, I’ll be careful, I promise.

This is where having that text above copied to your clipboard will make things easier.

In the search box press control v to paste the text from your clipboard, don’t press enter after pasting the text.

Press tab once to get into the tree view. You’ll be on the item we want to modify.

You’ll know you are at the right place if you hear or see this item:


Press your context key or shift F10 on this item.

In the menu press enter or click on toggle.

This will change the default setting from True to False.

There is nothing else to modify, so press alt F4 to get out of this window and you should be back in the Advanced tab in Thunderbird. Tab to ok and press enter.

Now when you click on a link in an email, your computer will just sit there and do nothing. You will need to copy a link you want to open and paste it in your browser.

One way of doing this is to be on a link in a message, press your context key or shift F10 or right click on the link. In the menu select Copy Link Location. That will copy the link to your clipboard.

Go to your browser of choice, press control l and then control v to paste the link.

If you want to undo this change, just follow the same directions and once you press enter on the toggle option, it will change that setting from False to True.


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